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Read these two articles please...
Well I look forward to seeing that Jim, but I have to disagree with you about the cgi Jabba in ANH, he is terrible! The rendering is bad, the animation is poor and the characterisation is off key in my opinion. I have to confess that some of the Mos Eisely stuff, particularly the stuff from a distance does add flavour and character to what is one of my favourite SW locations. Mos Eisely should be the bustling exotic location we see more of in episode II. And I too don't hate the dewbacks, they look alright, non offensive, as do some of the Mos Eisley creatures.
I'd like to see what they can do with Jabba in CGI in a few years time. Episode I is a vast vast improvement on SE ANH, but it still isn't *quite* there. If they had done him that well in the SE I wouldn't really have minded too much, at least he looks tangable.

But realistically this is an exciting time for CGI. Space scenes have been down for some time, now landscapes are totally indestinguishable at times (for example the window vista at the start of Pirates of the Carribean was CGI, I didn't notice even though I have the dvd), and cityscapes too can look very very realistic. But we need to remember that there isn't just this big thing called CGI and it is either good or bad depending on your oppinion. Some CGI is terrible, while some is really rather astounding. I want Lucas to make sure that he uses only the second kind, of which there is alot in the new films, and not the first kind, which there is still some of in Ep I and II. Characterisation is often a problem, and it is really important to add film grain and lens refraction to CGI in order that it looks like it was filmed along with the rest of the scene. JarJar sticks out like a sore thumb, as well as being totally cartoony. I loathe that creature.

And Sweyland, thanks for the address, I will...
Read these two articles please...
My attitude is quite simple. I don't like the special editions. I think the space scenes are an improvement and that is about all. I just don't like them. Now, GL is attempting to remove all memory of the OT, and claim that the SE IS starwars. But I don't LIKE the SE. Therefore despite a lifetime of fandom I find myself in the logical position of -not likeing starwars-. Now what the hell sense does that make? If the SE is the only starwars then strangely that does make sense. My feeling therefore, and I think it is shared by most people on this board, is that the SE is a NEW EDITION of starwars and not STARWARS in it's entirity. I would like the option of choice. It's a pretty reasonable request I think. I just want to see the films that I grew up with, not some half arsed, poor quality ill considered update.

I might not mind so much if it had been done WELL and sensitively, but it wasn't. In 10 years time the OT will still look like a damn good attempt at realism while the SE will look like what it is, and experimentation in technology that didn't even begin to look realistic till a good 5 years afterwards. That has been my beef with CGI so far, puppets and models actually look better in alot of cases. It is all boys playing with toys.
CGI really does seem to be comeing into it's own now, and I think in a number of years it will be pretty hard to tell the difference. Now if GL wants to mess around with SW at that time then I may even like the results, but I will always want to see MY starwars, the Original starwars that fans have loved and cherished for the last 25 years. What if GL said he hated SW altogether and wanted to burn the originals and recall all the videos and DVD's. Would you be so keen to defend his rights as the artist then?