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SW EP 1: Shadow of the Sith - by L8wrtr (Released)

I downloaded this (BD25), being an avid Star Wars fan but not an obsessive one.

This one was recommended in a thread on here. I also watched hal9000's and thought no offence to him but this is the better edit. Though some combination of hal9000's and this would be the "perfect" happy medium. I'm not ambitious enough to go there with that thinking.

I was wondering if it is DTS-HDMA audio?? There seems to be no info on that using PC in a blu-ray software player, both streams list ac3 448kbps. Why is there 2 exactly the same??

I'm not saying you can't enjoy a lossy fan edit, but Id never watch my purchased blu-ray again if this was in lossless.

p.s can't wait for ep II and III, downloading II now. Should be watching tomorrow :)

Idea: for a 'Batman Forever - The Fan Cut'....

I think all 90's movies should have their end titles sequence corrected with score.

Batman Forever
Bone Collector

list goes on! The only one it ever worked on was Titanic because it was the pure horner produced version of My Heart Will Go On. Not the poppier recording for music video, Celine's CD and touring.

But yeah, I'd look forward to a darker version of Batman Forever, even though I do love that movie as is minus the pop song ending. I will be following this I hope you are making some inroads!