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Star Wars: deleted and extended scenes * database *

Was a LaserDisc capture ever done of Lapti Nek on high-end equipment? I know spoRv had been weighing doing a capture of all LD featurettes, including that, 5-7 years ago but has many other projects going. I’d be willing to commission the capture for anyone with solid equipment/processes – any interest, AntcuFaalb?

The RowMan bonus I’ve had since high school is the only capture I’ve been able to verify was done, and I don’t know whether that was sourced from LD or the Executor VHS, but I’m sure it could be improved on – even if the music video itself is extremely poor quality.

I’m hoping to mask in at least two shots of the dancers that add character and continuity, and maybe try to figure something out with the shot of Salacious Crumb drinking. I have an RTX 2080 Super (not Ti) on the way and will play around with upscaling methods, but the current source probably wouldn’t benefit at all.

Also wondering… was any video ever released of the royal guards crossing staves in front of Vader? It mirrors/adds foreshadowing to the shot of the Gamorreans barring Luke’s entry. It’s been so many years, I can’t recall where I saw/read about that.