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Hi all, I’m Julia and I’ve loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember…quite literally, as my earliest memory as a kid was seeing Attack of the Clones in a movie theater when it first came out. I was only three at the time, but I absolutely loved it. Early in my childhood I used to attend cons and play with Star Wars toys, and was even fortunate enough to meet Peter Mayhew when I was around nine. I’ll admit, I never saw the original trilogy theatrical films growing up, and for me, the special editions were the only editions. That changed with Harmy’s Despecialized. It was like falling in love with Star Wars all over again. I think the reason I’m joining this forum is for the brilliant preservations of the films I love that a great many of you are a part of. I’m definitely someone who believes that something as special as Star Wars (whether that’s George Lucas’s spectacular films, the horrendous holiday special, or anything inbetween) should be preserved and treated with care. I have a massive amount of admiration for anyone putting in the time and effort to preserve Star Wars media in all its many forms and feel like joining this forum will help me discover more projects. I’m especially hoping I’ll have an easier time finding my way to 4K77 and 4K83 here, because for whatever reason I had a much easier time finding the files for Harmy’s Despecialized.