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Da Nao Tian Gong -- The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven (1965) RESTORATION <em>v2</em> (Released)

satanika said:

It’s not the same movie.

Everything is recut, recomposited, recolored, backgrounds repainted, some scenes re-animated in cheap ‘flash’ looking animation for 3d effect, completely rescored and redubbed.

It might look the same at a glance but not a single frame is identical.

Hi satanika,
Are you by any chance aware that a newly fully digitally-restored version of Uproar In Heaven was exhibited in Shanghai Int’l Film Festival this year in June?
From what I read in News, the restoration was commissioned by SAFS to digital media tech. co. of Western Movie Group in Xi’an China in March 2013, which was completed in 5 months. I didn’t have the chance to witness it in person, but according to the report, the result is a faithful 114-min-long, hand-cleaned, colour-corrected, audio-adjusted version of the original. Obviously considered an worthy enticement, it is the major motif of the film festival’s official poster, as you can see from the link below.
No news on when or if this will be in wider release though…
I registered just to post this to you 😃 For the last ten years, your restoration has been the only decent version I, and I am sure many others as well, could enjoy here in China, where everyone loves monkey King. A big THANK YOU for that!