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HARRY POTTER: Revisited [Updates and Info]

I eagerly wait for the final 3 installments, I love the series and have some statements/questions regarding the future movies, please take these with a grain of salt as I just am speaking from own limited perspective

  • I love that Voldemort’s voice is more menacing something definitely memed on in the og cuts, are you planning on continuing this hopefully? Also are you planning on making his eyes red for Ootp & DH?

  • the tone of the Hbp is quite a mess I wish you luck and am quite sure you will be able to correct this

  • The dance scene in DHp1 between Harry & hermione is one of my favorite displays of friendship and calm amidst chaos I hope it makes the Final Cut?

  • is there any feasible way to make Voldemort’s death in DH book accurate with his body collapsing instead of the particle effect? I know the shot panes upward with the particles dissolving in front of the castle so this may be impossible without compromising the whole scene

  • the destruction of the burrow in Hbp makes no sense cohesively as it doesn’t effect the plot and is not canon to the books. Then its rebuilt in less than a years time… will this be kept or altered?

  • as a suggestion I wonder if it’s possible to add VFX to the main characters like Harry hermione and Ron (maybe neivelle) during the final battle in DH to show them as more physically damaged like bleeding / clothes burnt or holey/ bruised, nothing extremely distracting but more noticeable, to better line up with realism as they sustained a lot of injuries throughout the movie and escaped the deadly fiend fire seemingly unscathed

  • the DH torture scene with hermione can hopefully be framed and edited to be depicted as the devastating and traumatic event that it was in the books (Ron’s boggart became hermione being tortured afterwards) as in the movie it’s cut away from awkwardly and the brutality of the scene is muffled (maybe extra vfx if feasible)

  • would you consider having the duel between dumbledore and Voldemort more like the book where dumbledore is actually multitasking fighting Voldemort? obviously that’s the film makers fault but if possible to arrange the shots to clearly show dumbledore’s dominance, like he is dueling Voldemort effortlessly without concern as Voldemort is really no match for him. The book dumbledore was only worried once Voldemort moved to attack Harry…

Anyways these are just things I thought of and couldn’t resist sharing, regardless of their relevance/significance! thanks for your work!