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Beverly Hills, 90210 - with original music (Released)

SpacemanDoug said:

Xyberfaust said:

I would love a PM for it, please. Never thought this would happen. Best I ever got were some SOAPNET recordings that were missing footage and didn’t have original music.

the SOAPnet versions are missing some small amounts of footage on occasion yes (mostly regarding all of the feature length episodes) but they do have the original music in full

Thank you. I was looking at my notes for what I have and it was simply the series name and saying it was episodes from SOAPnet, with bold capital letters (as a note to myself) saying they didn’t have the original music.

After reading your comment, I dug out my hard drive, started looking into it, and realized that I was conflating all the episodes from this set I had, consisting of copies from DVD, SOAPnet, FX Network, and a few other TVrips. Most of them lacked the original music, so I made that note to myself basically summing up that it’s pointless because I won’t bother watching the series if they’re not all containing the original televised music.

Good to know those SOAPnet copies have the original music.

Info: Films re-released with alterations

It Follows was changed from theatrical run to home video release. In theaters, the music was dynamic and overpowered any background sound effects. On all home video versions (in my research) the music has been pushed to the background while sound effects brought up.

I’m not imagining this. Others have noticed it as well. And I have audio recordings (proof) of several of the eight times I saw it in theaters.

I wish they’d just release the original theatrical version.

Despite owning a blu-ray copy, I refuse to watch it because this butchering of the sound has tainted it for me.