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Hello! I’ve been raised around different kinds of sci-fi media since a very, very young age by way of my mother, and I’ve always had an appreciation for stories that take place in the sky. Despite this, I somehow haven’t watched Star Wars until fairly recently - I was more of a Space Battleship Yamato and Legend of the Galactic Heroes fan, and by the time I was born (nevermind old enough to understand or appreciate the movies), the special editions had become pretty much the only available official copies. I had zero interest in the special editions due to my own beliefs on changing art after the fact, so for many years, I just figured it wasn’t for me.

I recently made the decision to check out at least the original trilogy during quarantine, after the urging of several friends and a bout of curiosity sparked by, of all things, some scans of rather amusingly bad teen magazine articles on Mark Hamill. I was directed here from a search for the original versions, and found myself fascinated by both the discussion here and all the ongoing efforts to preserve the series as it originally existed.

So here I am!