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Harry Potter Extended Editions

Oh man, that guy really is a dumbass. I was just gettin the first movies and I already did love what you have done. Including your marvel kinda intro, it gave the fanedits the vibe of someone who really liked the movies and enjoyed editing them. I’m so sad right now because I’m not going to be able to watch all of them, neither my sisters. We appreciate what you have done and we respect your decision. But hey this jerk is not more that another Internet troll, don’t let him “win” by letting you down or make you feel bad. We, the fan community and the Harry Potter lovers care about nice people like you that putted your work and effort into making something amazing for those of us who already had the movies but wanted “something more”. And one day you came and gave us the definitive versions of these movies. You are amazing and thank you for what you have done. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to send me a private message. I will try to keep what I said via private message and try to give you a feedback on what I’m going to be able to watch of the only two movies that I was able to get from the message you sent me. Thank you once again! And keep on rockin pal.