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Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith - Alternate Opening clip

Hey! heres the intro montage i made for my edit of revenge of the sith. The whole edit is just a much faster, no boring talking scenes in front a green screens, no buzz droids, no elevator jump scene, faster landing(i shorten almost every dialog and i hope you wont notice) Mace vs Palpatine is MUCH MUCH faster. heres the intro clip:

(also made the same edit without the montage and the added order 66 scenes)

Revenge Of The Sith: Alternate Intro

Spartacus01 said:

Okay, the intro was the only thing I watched, because it was the only thing I really cared about. And… I didn’t find it convincing. I think the difference between the added clips and the original clips can be noticed a lot. I’m sorry, but I didn’t find it convincing.

its okay, i know it doesn’t look real but, just having fun, the real edit is the whole movie, i just added the intro at the last minute for fun, thanks for the feedback 😃

Revenge Of The Sith: Alternate Intro

honestabe said:

I saw your alternative introduction to the movie, and I really liked it.

One of the biggest issues I had with this movie is that we are constantly told, but not really shown the scale of the clone wars. The audience would have no idea about the extent of the clone wars without watching the animated series. The movie should be able to stand on its own without the need to incorporate a television show.

Your approximately 30 second intro immediately gives the audience at least some indication that we are in the midst of an all out galactic war.

As you said, I hope more edits incoroporate this or some variation of it.

Hey thanks! yeah, i wish the movie felt more of a “war time” mood. Hope someone can edit this better and with more scenes haha

Revenge Of The Sith: Alternate Intro

This is a faster, less boring, less predictable version of Revenge Of The Sith with an added intro montage of the war based on the original script. i wanted to show the scale of the war, showing what is happening in the galaxy while the two jedis do the mission. Some people are gonna like it, most are gonna hate that, but i think the rest of the movie is just faster and more minimal, darker maybe. Perfect for first time viewers (im uploading a version of the cut without the intro too) enjoy!


The intro is a montage i made with Cinematic Captures “THE DARK TIMES” ( short and allot of Battlefront 2 content. (also added some footage from the dark times short into order 66)

PD: i made this for my own enjoyment and decided to share it for free. I mean no disrespect to Cinematic Captures amazing work and everyone involved in the original movie.

PLEASE let me know what you think, feel free to edit my edit.

Star Wars Attack Of The Clones: Minimal Cut

Hello, this is my edit on Ep 2. Basically i just cut all the cheesy and cringey stuff… there are so many micro cuts you wont even notice allot of them haha.

Im new at this but i wanted to make a smooth cut, just a faster movie in general with no major changes, perfect for first time viewers.

PLEASE let me know what you think. its just a “minimal” cut. its not a different movie or story. less is more.


-so many little cuts from the start i dont want to mention haha.

-shorten almost every dialog in a natural way (i hope)

-shorten every action scene (not with jango, sorry)

-Only one “love scene” (the one with the waterfalls)

-No “missing planet” quest, just the dex thing shorten.

-Shorten obi wan snooping around

-shorten anakin crying and stuff

-No droid stuff (anakin in the factory and c3po thing, etc)

-Added boba scene (looking at jango’s helmet)

-heavy edit on all the count dooku duel (way shorter and faster)

-and waaaaaaaaay more i dont remember.

PS: - i wanted to add the scene where anakin is training with obi wan from the kenobi show (de-aged by someone on youtube) and the jango fett extended scene but couldn’t at the last minute.