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What can a Newbie do to help?

Well, I'm native Dutch and have English as a second language.

Unless otherwise stated, the below videos are English spoken with Dutch Subtitles (Pal, VHS) Been a while since I checked them but last time I played them they were still fine (for a given value of fine considering they're VHS).

- Original Trilogy, UK Import, Digitally Remastered, "Special Widescreen Edition". (c) 1994 [No subtitles]
- Original Trilogy, "The gold Collection" (Digitally Remastered) (c) 1995
- Ewoks - The Battle for Endor
- The Making of Star Wars (1984 release)
- The Unauthorised Star Wars Story
- A Long Time Ago: The Story of Star Wars (TV recording)
- The Mythology of Star Wars (TV Recording)
- From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of ILM (TV recording)

In the non-video department, I got the complete original Dutch release of the Marvel comics (1977 - 1985); various assorted (mostly Dutch) magazines and interviews from the 80s (including Most MAD magazines with SW parodies) and most of the original books and comics of the 90s.

Probably have some other stuff floating around that I'm not immediately thinking of now, mostly because it doesn't really lend itself to digital preservation, or I don't have the right tools for it.

Oh, and sorry about the Long Island Iced teas ... no idea how to make those ... but I do mix a mean blue milk.

What can a Newbie do to help?

So I've been browsing through the forums, and got really excited about all different projects that are being maintained.

And it made me wonder ... what can a newbie (to the site/preservation effort, not to the Trilogy) do to help? Is there some kind of overview of source data that is underrepresented that might be lying somewhere in my collection?

I myself have been collecting Star Wars since the early 80s, but since I live in Europe, a lot of it needed to pass the "translation" stage first. As a result, the offer of cool material was less than in the States, but I did manage to get my hands on some interesting material back in the late 80s/early 90s when "the fandom was dead".

I'd love to do my part to help, but have currently no idea what's still underrepresented.