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The Matrix Reloaded - Cam Bootleg DVD Preservation (Released)

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out when I get a chance. As for the audience reaction, I was 14 when this film came out and honestly I don’t remember audience participation being really a “thing” at that time. People seemed pretty sedate in theaters around that period from what I can remember. I remember going to see this film on a Friday for opening weekend. I forget where it was as my friend’s dad took us to go and see it. Either way I remember walking out somewhat disappointed at the time, although my expectations at the time weren’t that high as I was more into video games at the time than I was film (that would have to wait another year or two for me to truly appreciate the art of film). I will say that in 2005 when Revenge of the Sith hit theaters, people seemed to cheer more than they did for the Matrix sequels, but I feel the best audience participation has been the past few years (exception this year, obviously), people seemed to respond to Rise of Skywalker, even with panned reviews. When people talk about theaters being a dead thing, I almost want to point them to the early 2000’s - late 2000’s as a time when people really didn’t seem to care that much about what was out and what was projected on the screen. Just my opinion though, sorry for the long reply.

Episode 9: Title Crawl

Here is what I’m purposing; that anyone with any talent or yearning for writing, post their idea of what the Episode 9 title crawl should be.

Any ideas are relevant and interesting, and we should be open for discussion if need be.

Try to keep the title to 3 paragraphs like in the films, and if you want to go ahead and title Episode 9, go ahead!

Have fun with this one!

Info: Episode II and III 35MM Prints - for sale on ebay

towne32 said:

I do not think there is any reason Disney would use a film source if they ever do a 4K upscale of II or III.

On another note, RoTS generally has a very good reputation for its picture quality on BD. II less so, but I think the original master is probably of low quality, as an early digital film. A TPM scan might look better to some of us here, since the Bluray release was handled pretty poorly. Presumably Disney would use the negatives.

You’re most likely right in this particular case. It would be great if Disney/Lucasfilm went back and compared the two masters, as I’m sure that there is a film master along with a digital one as well.

There is a great article written in Film & Video about the filming of Episode III, and the technical process that the Sony Cameras were apart of at the time. Reading it now seems very primitive to say the least.

My question is, how will this footage hold up over time when compared to material shot on digital now (2016)?

Digital today seems much more life like than Episode II & III, at least it does to me.

Info: Episode II and III 35MM Prints - for sale on ebay

These film versions, ultimately, would yield a better result in terms of picture quality, from the Blu Ray release, I’d imagine. Although, one would have to purchase them and see what condition they are in.

Since both films are essentially 1920x1080, from the source that is, the film prints are in essence, an up res of the original elements. Although, that could be debated as well, since technology has progressed quite rapidly since 2002/2005, printing a digital source to film has most likely improved since this time to a point.

IMHO, I would argue that the industry is at a stopping point in terms of printing to film, since most theaters are digitally based now, rather than celluloid.

This would be a great project for someone with the resources and time. I’d imagine that Disney/Lucasfilm, will has to resort to a film print of the Epsiode II & III, if they ever release a 4K version of the Star Wars films.