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Harry Potter Extended Editions

JJPotter said:

I’m glad you are enjoying the edits. I have a hard time watching the “official” ones now because I know where all of the deleted material goes. The originals don’t feel complete. I appreciate the kind words.

In all honesty, I haven’t worked on the edits in a while. I had a death in our family back in August which has knocked the wind out of my sails for a bit. I am getting the itch again to get back into editing to get my mind off of things. I have a small portion of the Dudley Redemption completed (the first few seconds with the wide shot of Vernon talking to Harry, saying this is farewell). In that part I have the green screen completely removed and it looks good. The next part is a bit more complicated since there are a couple of green screen areas along with camera movement. Once I get those set up, I should be able to complete that scene, which is the one scene I feel should have never been cut.

Keep an eye on the topic thread for updates.

I’m sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences.

I saw the bit with Dudley on your vimeo. I must have missed the green screen in it, because it seemed really good. But you obviously have a keen eye for editing and such. Will keep an eye out for updates. Thanks for all of your great work.

Harry Potter Extended Editions

Hi JJ, we love your work. It’s been a Christmas tradition for a number of years to watch all HP and FF films over the holidays. Since finding your work, we’ve never gone back to other versions.

I was reading the topic over again, and noticed you mentioning some possible new edits, as for example the complete Dudley redemption scene. Have you had a chance to add these already? I saw it on your vimeo channel, and it really adds a lot to the Dursleys’ story.