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Assembling a Team to Remaster Textures in Lego Star Wars II: the Complete Saga PSP version! Using PPSSPP emulator.

Hello everyone.
I need help batch processing all the textures to 2 or 4 times original resolution. Help on which ai upscaler is the best for this process, and someone that has copy or can process images on that software. Help on a better way to extract textures as the replace textures feature of the emulator doesn’t extract all textures just the ones used while playing each scene. Finally is there a way to extract only film grain from 4k77, 4k80, 4k83 and how to build a graphics filter that makes the game have minimal film grain. And finally beta testers to see is all the textures scaling and working in the game correctly.

Please respond if interested in helping out. Will have to start a new discord so that the project team can work on these issues.

Prequel Trilogy Box Options for 2011 Star Wars Trilogy Episodes I-III (Blu-ray + DVD) Set

Hello Everyone. I am looking for a better cover for the Star Wars Trilogy Episodes I-III (Blu-ray + DVD) Set I just purchased. Preferably something that is mostly dark (black, grey, or red) which I can replace cover art. It would be good to see some other characters and not just Yoda on the cover. Also if images are provided how do I print correct sized box art. Should I go to Fedex Office, or get it printed at Walgreens?

Link to original cover:

Which version of The Phantom Menace should I buy. I only have a 1080p TV and no 4k blu ray player

Hello star wars fans. I only have a 1080p TV and no 4k blu ray player. Was wondering which version of phantom menace to pick up? Right now I only have VHS. Is there any particular version that is best for watching the film. Likely the one with the highest picture quality without having too much DNR.