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Idea: Preservation of the uncensored (theatrical) audio track of 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'?

In the theatrical version of Last Crusade, when Donovan is trying to convince the Sultan of Hatay to allow him to move across his land to recover the Grail, he brings the Sultan a chest of gold treasures and says, “Precious valuables, Your Highness, “donated” by some of the finest Jewish families in all of Germany.”
In all subsequent releases of the movie, the word “Jewish” is removed.

They simply muted the audio for the duration of the word, which is why there now is a pause between “finest” and “families”.

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have access to a theatrical print of Last Crusade?

Dracula 1979 - The original theatrical color version (Released)

Thank you so much for doing this, ITHoTMK. This was one of the earliest Dracula films I ever saw (as a child; unfortunately only on TV but thankfully with the original colors still intact), and it left quite the impression. I had been waiting for years to rewatch it when the DVD was announced and the disappointment I felt when I noticed it had been desaturated was so great I had to turn it off. Then came the Blu Ray and it was just as bad, albeit in hi def, so I never watched it. Your version is going to be my first time watching the movie in several decades.
I wonder, how did you go about getting the color back? From what I read, the Blu Ray seems to actually be missing some of the color information, so simply increasing the saturation can’t restore it. Did you somehow get the color from the old LD or TV broadcast?