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"No Luke, I am your father." from Empire Strikes Back (a clickbait & edited youtube video)

Darth Robin said:

Somebody explain this:

Man… had a little debate about this line the other day, someone insisting that it was “Luke, I am your father.” They mentioned there was a video online where you could hear him say “No, Luke.” Without even looking it up, I waved it off as obviously edited. But is this what he’s talking about!? That edit is horrible. Amazing that anyone would be fooled by this.

Are there any preservations of Lucio Fulci's Zombie (Zombi 2)?

OpenRift412 said:

Charles Threepio said:

As far as I can remember, this original theatrical mix is different than the one most of us are used to around the point where Dr. Menard shoots the zombie as it’s getting up, the end of the “shark vs. zombie” scene, and the zombie invasion of New York (the transition there happens after “…Manhattan. General Stein…” and the anchor’s scream sounds very different in the original theatrical mix).

Very interesting to hear. Who knew a movie with such a low budget would get so many changes post-release. Regrading and mixing’s one thing, but changes in voices and foley is just ridiculous.

Reminds me of when I saw the Evil Dead 4K restoration in theaters. It had an all new soundtrack and it felt far too grandiose for the original micro-budget film.

Ditto on the new Evil Dead score. Was much too much for the movie.

Film looked incredible, though.

Young Indiana Jones...

locutus2000 said:

So I just registered for this purpose. I would love to bring back the original episodes. I could buy the box set and start capturing but I don’t have the funds for it. How would I go about starting up a funding for it? I would need a good capture device and the boxset. Right now I think the boxset would be USD 300 and capture hardware could be bought for under USD 200 probably.

Please do not spend that much on one of those box sets. I own one. I have the means to rip it. And I only spent $66. Do not give these scammers the satisfaction.

Besides, the laser disc set is not what we should be ripping— what we want is the Australian VHS tapes. I have two of the six volumes, but no PAL VCR. Would gladly rip them if I could get a compatible VCR. The laser discs have hardcoded Japanese subtitles.