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The Last Jedi: Legendary (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

Here’s another attempt at removing the caretakers. It’s better… still not perfect, but it’s as good as I can get it at this sitting.
I don’t have any more time for the present to spend on it, but I think it needs some sort of extra shot between “Let’s get started,” and walking up the stairs. Perhaps a reaction shot from Kylo could be contrived.

password: fanedit

Very similar to what I did, works well.

The Lost Jedi (TFA+TLJ edit) (* Part-Finished Project *)


Cut Poe joking with Hux at the beginning
Cut Finn/Rose side arc altogether including Maz

  • Cut Luke tossing lightsaber over shoulder.
  • Added Finn and Poe deleted scene
  • Cut Poe/Holdo “fuel” This leaves Finn/Rose with the resistance.
  • Cutting Finn/Rose arc thus of course also cutting DJ/Phasma.
  • Cut all the porgs
  • Added “Luke mourning Han” deleted scene
  • Cut Ach-To nuns
  • Cut Luke/Rey joke about “reaching out”
  • Cut Finn joking about how the first order “hates that ship” in the Crait battle
  • Cut Holdo/Leia joking about “may the force be with you” and just let Holdo say it.
  • Cut Snoke laying on the floor
  • Trimmed Kylo/rey vs guards
  • Cut Finn trying to crash into the battering ram and Rose saving him. They are presumed to turn back with the other ships when Poe tells them to.
  • Removed broom boy ending
  • Removed Finn/Rose at the end to ensure continuity Thus had to remove Poe/Rey meeting
  • Trimmed dialogue throughout the film
  • Cut rey from nowhere joke
  • Lots of small trims and shot removals.
The Last Jedi : a Fan Edit <strong>Ideas</strong> thread

ziggyonice said:

One thing I’ve really wanted to do is see the inclusion of the song “The Jedi Steps” (from The Force Awakens) overlayed with the climatic moment of Luke walking out to confront Kylo Ren and the First Order.

Don’t get me wrong: the existing theme during that scene (“The Spark”) is great. But “The Jedi Steps” gives me chills — it’s the song that introduces us to Luke Skywalker for the first time in the sequel trilogy. Luke the legend, Luke the Jedi Master, Luke returns. That’s why I feel “The Jedi Steps” is so appropriate during the showdown on Crait.

Anyway, I whipped it up in like 10 minutes just to get a feel of what it might look like with this change. This is far from perfect and doesn’t have sound effects or foley, but I’m curious to hear what people think.

Link: https://vimeo.com/261781728
Password: jedisteps

That’s awesome! I would deffiently use something like that in my fanedit.

The Lost Jedi (TFA+TLJ edit) (* Part-Finished Project *)

I can help build in some sound effects and help with the audio but we might differ in the specifics of how we handle it. Cause personally I want to somehow fit in the music that happens when Luke accepts the saber in the original cut of TLJ. It’s quite good and lines up well.

For me I don’t mind if the music doesn’t line up perfectly, it doesn’t take away from it to much. Personally once this edit is done it will be my “Episode 7” I’m planning on making a new crawl with The Lost Jedi title. I’ve been thinking of doing some re scoring as well. If it would be possible to get battle of the heroes to play during the throne room fight in TLJ would be awesome, as well as getting dual of the fates during the forest battle of TFA.