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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

So I’m getting the Only @ Best Buy Steelbook Edition©®™ because it doesn’t matter if its a copy of The Room I will still buy anything with the word “Steelbook” on it. Anyone else going to pick up the Blu-Ray and watch it 500 times again to make up your mind and actually determine if you like or dislike the movie or not?

(Offtopic Edit: If anyone knows if a Steelbook version of The Room exists PM me.)

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

LordZerome1080 said:

I found another one

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

I like it but I still prefer McDiarmid as the Emperor in ESB. It would be awesome to see a “canon-friendly” edition with the good changes and fit more in line with the new canon without all the unnecessary scenes and continuity errors created by the Special Editions and Prequels. (Mostly the Prequels.)

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

ZigZig said:


First of all, English is not my native language so please excuse my bad formulations.
I’m quite new here but I love this site and this community, I found some treasures here (and on MySpleen) so I feel concerned about this issue.
If I try to summarize previous posts :


  • Selling fan preservations and fan edits constitutes a breach of copyright (and an insult to all the work done here graciously by the fans).
  • Free distribution of video files constitutes a breach of broadcasting rights.
  • Hosting video files and/or torrent files constitutes also a breach of broadcasting rights.
  • Sharing video files and/or torrent files constitutes also a breach of broadcasting rights.
  • Possession of fan preservations and edits is allowed only if we previously paid for the official material (eg Lucasfilm Blu Rays)

USER NEEDS (which explain why some users will pay on eBay) :

  • Finding video files is not so easy.
  • Downloading torrents is not so easy.
  • Making beautiful Blu-Ray boxes is not so easy.


  • Making and hosting an OT torrent tracker (as MySpleen) => legal matters.
  • Giving too much visibility to fan’s works and/or writing to eBay, Disney, LucasFilm or FBI => too risky.
  • Sharing files through Private Messages on this site (not too risky, but it won’t avoid people to pay on eBay)
  • Providing external links and explanation (apparently, it is still too much complicated for some people).

Maybe we could develop a specific download software (such as Vuze or eMule or BitTorrent, but limited to Star Wars fan files only) that will :

  • automaticaly find external torrent links to fan preservations and fan edits (on TPB, MySpleen, isohunt…)
  • easily download the files
  • easily convert the files to some well-known formats (DVD, MKV, BR)
  • easily find artwork and PDF, ready-to-print.

In other words, that would be a “Vuze-like” (or µTorrent-like or BitTorrent-like) but already configured to find and download SW fan files only.
This software wouldn’t be illegal (it won’t host illegal files, just make some searchs through trackers-sites and allow download from external websites) and it could be legally downloaded from here.

Is this a good idea ?

Creating a dedicated app is possible, but it would require a lot of people with adequate programming knowledge and networking know-how and be willing to do so for free, I would love to help with that but I have very little programming knowledge but if enough people agree on this it would be a possibility.

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

towne32 said:

NeverarGreat said:

Running torrents off of your website is a good way to run into legal trouble.

Even though you aren’t hosting the illegal content, hosting the torrent can be bad enough if you’re up against Disney and the MPAA. It’s a really bad idea to make yourself a target like that, in my opinion. And I thought it was a funny Leia misquote.

New people like to complain about how decentralized things are around here. Some people complain because they’re too lazy to figure it out. Others make the reasonable claim that it drives people to places like Ebay.

It’s a reasonable claim that having things a bit decentralized thwarts some of the less technically inclined and probably drives them to ebay. And that having higher visibility (apparently more than a very obvious facebook page) would prevent some of those sales. Others would still buy because they are either lazy or don’t have the internet connection or ability to burn BD-R and make pretty cases.

But I would argue that besides the problems that A) some jackasses are profitting and B) some dumbasses are losing money, the major issue with the ebay sales is their extreme visibility. And when we get newcomers saying that we need to just have a website such as “” or such, with a big red button to download the film, they’re asking for “us” (whomever) to take on that visible and risky role. Drawing too much attention to it all is a bad thing, in my opinion, regardless of whether there’s the extra aspect of profit or not.

I’m sure some people disagree, and will say that we’ve somehow managed to survive despite many articles about these projects in the press. But I don’t think that’s something to take for granted. We’re fortunate that things have been as light-hearted as they have been. If they decide at some point to take the approach of, say, Nintendo (or better yet, Disney with their animated properties in years past), and treat us like complete trash, things are going to change drastically.

Could it be a big blue button then?

In all seriousness though why can’t Harmy just update TUIG with links to the MKV, DVD ISO, and Njvc’s Blu-Ray ISO hosted on Mega or something similar, all people have to do is copy/burn the file to a USB drive or a disc and call it a day.

No hassle, no begging for invites, no downloading a shady download manager with adware, all you have to do is download and put it on whatever media you want and your watching Star Wars the way it was meant to be.

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects

I feel like TUIG was great but the thing that threw me off for the first time was the multiple downloads and having to setup a download manager without getting copius amounts of adware.

I think we should move from uloz to mega and have it as one file so it’s not confusing for new users and they only have to follow one link from TUIG, we should also setup a donation service to keep the mega account up and running, hell I would pay for it to keep it up.