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35mm Print of Eyes Wide Shut on Ebay!!

Hi everyone, just an update, gweedo16 and I have been talking. He’s been pretty busy with real life, but we’re discussing how to move forward.

The initial release exists and has been sent out to donors (if this is not the case, PM me); however, we are considering further releases (different resolutions, some cleaned up, etc). Details to come in this space.

If you’ve sent either of us a PM on how to donate, hang tight and we’ll get back to you in a few weeks when we have a more solid game plan.

1997 Star Wars Special Edition 35mm Project (a WIP)

If there’s interested in the 1997 Special Editions, PM me or comment in this thread!


I’ve scanned Empire (which is available) and am now trying to get a mint condition print of A New Hope scanned on a calibrated scanner. 😃

Star Wars: A New Hope (1997) - 35mm Calibrated Scan [Donations Needed!]

Calibrated 1997 Scan of Star Wars: A New Hope - Special Edition

Just what we need, another 35mm scan of Star Wars! But this time, it’s the 1997 THX restored Special Edition! I have access to a calibrated European scanner, and mint condition prints of the whole trilogy.

Say what you want about the CGI added to the Special Editions but the photochemical restoration was well worth the effort. If you’ve only seen the mediocre UHD (DNR, windowing, and desaturation) and HD masters (less DNR, low resolution, blue blanket skew), you don’t know what you’re missing! The actual Special Edition restoration was very nice when THX certification used to mean something, and in fact, the color timing was much more consistent shot-to-shot than would have been expected in 1977/1980/1983. (I saw the recent 70mm screening of the original Star Wars in LA and can attest to this).

Screenshots below so, for context, you can see the brilliant restoration work done by THX on Empire in 1997.


Already have fully scanned Empire Strikes Back with private funds, so now moving on to Star Wars but need the donations to cover scanning costs for this project. A calibrated LUT using an IT-8 target has been designed for use with this specific scanner, and I will be using it during encoding to ensure that the scanned image matches a projected image.

I’m paying for hard drive costs out of pocket, and my labor, of course, is free 😃

I have successfully fundraised several other titles on this site, including EVIL DEAD 2, BACK TO THE FUTURE 1, BACK TO THE FUTURE 2, and HALLOWEEN .

For A NEW HOPE, we have a little over 40% funded but we can’t proceed unless we have 100%. So I hope people can help.

PLEDGES ($656.51/$796 - 82% FUNDED!)

-The Aluminum Falcon - $50
-TR2N - $10 + $20
-hot noodles - $10
-The Bull’s Eyed Womprat - $20
-Collipso - $5
-Laozi - $10
-pathustler85 - $10 + $20
-forcefreak - $19.95
-Beebop - $20
-shiftyeyes - $20
-Rogue Trooper - $20
-AD1138 - $100
-nekochip - $50
-trimaxion - $10
-Anonymous DD - $30
-Anonymous OJ - $26.12
-Anonymous BJF - $50
-Anonymous CB - $15
-Anonymous DS - $10.44
-Anonymous MF70 - $25
-Anonymous EPHX - $20
-Anonymous CTA - $25
-Anonymous CBTK - $40
-Anonymous HSGT - $50

If you donate to help Star Wars/A New Hope, then next month, I’ll send you a free copy of The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition (1997) , scanned from the same set (screenshots above).


Hope there’s some love for a 35mm preservation of this cut. Releasing this with the German crawl on the print and also a version with English crawl. Both will have Cinema DTS 5.1 audio in English and German.

I know as the BD/UHD transfers and the CGI transfers have gotten progressively worse, there has been growing nostalgia for these versions! And, IMO, the Special Editions were the most consistent that the films ever looked color-wise and grain-wise (thanks to the digital recompositing work).

I’m very pleased with Empire and I can’t wait to see how Star Wars looks. PM me or comment below if interested!

Info Wanted: The Godfather Releases...can someone help?

If anyone’s interested, check out MySpleen.

I used Topaz to upscale the deleted scenes and make an improved 1080p HD version of The.Godfather-A.Novel.for.Television.1977.UNCENSORED.EXTENDED.720p.HDTV.x264-BATV[ettv].mkv 14.53Gb

Any footage from the Blu Rays is taken directly from the 2008 Blu Rays to ensure the maximum quality (I prefer this restoration to the newer one.)

I really wish this would get a proper Blu Ray release because the 720p file out there is so low bitrate that it’s unfortunate.

35mm Print of Eyes Wide Shut on Ebay!!

gweedo16 and I have been talking. It turns out that quite a few donors did not receive the initial viewable file of the scan (as an exclusive, limited perk for helping preserve this print).

If you donated and are interested in seeing the theatrical colors, message us, so you can be looped in on this and any subsequent encodes (BD-compatible and Topaz upscaled/enhanced).

35mm Print of Eyes Wide Shut on Ebay!!

Talking to gweedo16, there will likely be multiple encodes of this Eyes Wide Shut scan in addition to the one that exists.

Like with 4K77 and 4K83, which also have supplementary DNR and AI versions, I think there’s room for multiple versions for this scan, but, of course, an untouched, ZERO DNR version will always be available.

I have experience with Topaz and noise reduction in DaVinci and have already told gweedo16 that I’m happy to help with the encoding. 😃

Help Wanted: Halloween 5 35mm Open-Matte Preservation

This one seems to have been dormant for a bit, unfortunately. I don’t think the necessary funds were raised, so unsure if it was scanned.

Halloween 5 may not be a franchise favorite, but, in my dreams, we’d be able to scan all the classic franchise slasher films in open matte, no less:

  • Friday the 13th
  • Friday the 13th: Part 2
  • Nightmare on Elm Street (which desperately needs a 4k version)
  • Nightmare on Elm Street 3
  • Halloween 4

Anyone particularly interested in a title above, PM me and I’ll see if I can find a lead.

Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) – 35mm Scan opportunity (WIP) - Help Wanted

^The above is a very carefully-produced release. Kudos to LucasGodzilla. The print scanned was faded but has been corrected to match an unfaded 35mm print. Not to mention a plethora of audio tracks from VHS to LD to DVD!

Ignore the color of the previous DVDs and BDs. This is HOW INFERNO LOOKS

If anyone is interested in a scan of SUSPIRIA too, PM me for an unfaded opportunity 😉