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Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) – 35mm Scan opportunity (WIP) - Help Wanted

^The above is a very carefully-produced release. Kudos to LucasGodzilla. The print scanned was faded but has been corrected to match an unfaded 35mm print. Not to mention a plethora of audio tracks from VHS to LD to DVD!

Ignore the color of the previous DVDs and BDs. This is HOW INFERNO LOOKS

If anyone is interested in a scan of SUSPIRIA too, PM me for an unfaded opportunity 😉

Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978) - 35mm Scan Opportunity! [FUNDING NEEDED]

PM sent to the Halloween donors! Thanks guys 😃

WXM said:

Aboard the Aluminum Falcon:

–“I only hope when Cundy’s notes are analyzed the proper grading can be found. It’s not over yet.”
–“It is for me, sister. Look, I’m not in this for some proper TR presentation, and I’m not here to please someone in the industry. I expect to match the THX. I’m in it for the chroma.”
–“You needn’t worry about your THX. If that is all you grade, then that is all you’ll project. [To WXM entering] Your friend is quite the ‘presentarian.’ I wonder if he really cares about YV24 color depth…or is just happy with truncated RGB.”
–“I care.”

(That’s all just parody semi-giberish silliness, zero intent to state/imply this or that toward someone in any seriousness 😃 )

Haha I just saw this! That’s great.

Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978) - 35mm Scan Opportunity! [FUNDING NEEDED]

Interesting. I was looking at these posts on HTF:

Both indicated that Cundey was actually very involved in the restoration process in 1999 and the color timing. I haven’t been able to find any interviews besides the usual package statement that he approved either of the 4K masters.

In the second one, it’s mentioned that the negative was very similar in terms of the treatment of night scenes and indeed had strong blues.

Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978) - 35mm Scan Opportunity! [FUNDING NEEDED]

Asaki said:

The Aluminum Falcon said:
The 1999 THX DVD was perfect by many people’s standards; however, the Divimax 35th Anniversary DVD was not, controversially removing autumnal warm hues in the day and blue hues in the night. The 2007 BD went some way to regrading the Divimax master but still fell short.


The THX version’s color timing was redone to look that way, it is not how the movie originally looked in theatres.

While I would love to have the THX version in a higher resolution format, the newer releases did nothing wrong.

Hi Asaki, long time no see! I know this was a theory for awhile but did we ever get anyone seeing a 35mm print to confirm? IIRC the Criterion LD was different, which… is interesting evidence but not conclusive.

Tbh part of the reason I’m so invested in this print is that we’ll actually get to know one way or the other.

As for the newer releases did nothing wrong, well, looking at caps a holic, all look pretty different in terms of their daylight segments and their night segments. Shout looks different than the 2013 4K IP restoration, so idk, I think it’s pretty valid to call them out as inconsistent at least.

Moviefan70 and leukoplakia, I’m sending you PMs.

Evil Dead II (Sam Raimi, 1987) - 35mm Scan opportunity!

DrunkenMaster442 said:

85pphoenix said:

Will anyone who didn’t give money for the “scan” ever get to see this print or is it just for the donor club?

I second this question.

DrunkenMaster442, you clutter my thread with demands to see this project and offer nothing in return. You continually badmouthed me even though this is the norm for 35mm scans.

I’ve been on this forum for over a decade and when I first joined, I contributed in movie knowledge, opinions on color, postage/disc burning costs, etc. I didn’t go asking around for links to every project without sharing a little first myself.

No. You are not seeing this project.

No. I am not giving you a copy.


85pphoenix, sorry for that unpleasantness. Archiving prints requires donations to cover scanner costs and hard drive costs. PM me if you’re interested.

If you have something truly rare, let me know too! Ye old trade is a long and honored system among these parts.

Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978) - 35mm Scan Opportunity! [FUNDING NEEDED]

“Was that the boogeyman?”
“As a matter of a fact, it was.”

Well, we have another classic film print available to scan and preserve: John Carpenter’s Halloween !! The franchise has launched many sequels but I’m sure most of you will agree that the original was the best.

However, the BD release history is slightly a mess. The 1999 THX DVD was perfect by many people’s standards; however, the Divimax 35th Anniversary DVD was not, controversially removing autumnal warm hues in the day and blue hues in the night. The 2007 BD went some way to regrading the Divimax master but still fell short.

Then came a bizarrely undersaturated 4K IP restoration, which has been the basis of some previous fan regrades. Now, the latest release is Shout’s 4K OCN restoration - great for detail but still pretty off-based when it comes to the THX colors.

An original 35mm print will give us a chance to get an idea of how deep the contrast is (I’m finding a lot of these 80s movies are way too bright) as well as get a gauge of the theatrical color timing. Plus, it’s a fun retro experience!

Because this is a shorter film, cost breakdown is as follows:

Rental - $250
Transport - $100
Scan - $200
TOTAL - $550

Also, to sweeten the deal, all donors will get a perk - $10 for 1, $20 for 2, $30 for 3, $40 for 4. Participants in this thread will get a PM and be able to view Evil Dead 2, Possession, another John Carpenter film, or some other 35mm feature-length scan (I’ll send donors a list).

I’ve successfully done quite a few projects already and I’ve been a member of OriginalTrilogy since 2010.

We already have some pledges raised for this horror classic (including my own).

PLEDGES-$440/$550-80% FUNDED
The Aluminum Falcon - $60
Anonymous - $25
Anonymous #2 - $20
See No Evil - $20
EPho3nix - $60
BDgeek - $30
NeonBible - $20
jinxfan2 - $20
WXM - $50
TR2N - $20
potatoes - $20
Ceta - $20
GamerGene04 - $10
Rogue Trooper - $25
exile81 - $10
SimonM99 - $20
soupdrinker - $20
Roobyoo - $20
hot noodles - $15
Benjamin K - $15
AD1138 - $70
shifty eyes - $10
Daniel.Silva - $10
SpookyDollhouse - $20

Please post below or PM me if you’re interested in donating. Happy to answer any questions about this project but it will be a high quality scan - US print scanned stateside.

A lot of these old prints just get worse as time goes on, so hopefully we can preserve this one before it’s too late.

Again, donors - PM me for a special full-length John Carpenter 35mm treat and/or Evil Dead II and/or Possession.

Hammer's Brides of Dracula - 35mm IB Tech Scan [NEEDS FUNDING]

Hey everyone!

Well, we have a very awesome opportunity here. We can buy an IB TECH print of Hammer’s BRIDES OF DRACULA. If you don’t know this film, well… it’s one of the most beautiful movies ever shot. Full stop.

Shot by the legendary Jack Asher, it was one of his final films with Hammer because they wanted faster turnaround instead of moodily-lit, highly-gelled Technicolor horror. So, this was his finest and last hour doing the horror films he was best known for.

And the Blu-Ray releases are… unfortunate to say, the least. In the DVD era, there was a beautiful film element of BRIDES that was scanned for Universal’s Hammer DVD collection. But, this film element literally went up in flames when Universal had a backlot fire in 2008.

So what was left? A terrible, dated over-sharpened scan of an IP with worse color. To add insult to injury, this was often cropped to 2.00 unnecessarily and irrespective of the original filmmaker’s intentions.

Shout eventually released a Blu-Ray of it, but it was very soft despite being a modern image harvest? Color timing is fine, about the same as the previous scan. It could very well even be the same element. At least it was in the right aspect ratio this time, LOL!

Anyway, this IB TECH print is currently sitting at $440 at auction. No doubt, it will sell for more than that.

Hoping it stays low, I’m already collecting pledges.

More than $440 - Buying Print (with Shipping)
$348 - Scanning (Approximate)
$45 - Shipping
$100 - Hard Drive
= More than $933

I’d say that if we can raise enough money for either Scan/Ship/HD Storage or Buying the Print, which is around $500, then we should do it. Someone (likely me) can front the money for the print and just resell it once the scanning is done.

For this reason, I’d rather keep the scanning stateside (shipping of this print is also much more expensive internationally).

Thanks a billion to users elsewhere. We’re already over $175!!

The Aluminum Falcon - $40
LucasGodzilla - $20
shiftyeyes - $20
TonyAniante - $20
ZkinandBonez - $20
snicker - $20
NeonBible - $15
Anonymous - $10
bronan - $20

This print has light vinegar syndrome, please pledge money if you want to see this title preserved!

35mm Print of Eyes Wide Shut on Ebay!!

I’ve been in touch with the encoder of the EYES WIDE SHUT project, and encoding has been complete for sometime, with an encode provided to gweedo16 in December 2021.

Any donors to this project should PM me with a screenshot of their donation! I’ve already reached out to some of you in this thread, but let me know if there’s anyone I’ve missed.