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Godzilla 1998 but with the Toho Godzilla (WIP)

Father of the Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut, I have returned!

Yeah if anyone remembers me but it’s alright as i just wanna edit.

Anywho i bring to you an edit i kinda abandoned awhile back but decided to work on it again cause i’m gonna go ham & have fun one with it.

“Godzilla 1998 but with the Toho Godzilla” is essentially the 98 movie but with Toho Godzilla in his place. Think of it as Godzilla’s Revenge but better!

Cuts and Additions:

  • Heisei Godzilla footage from 84 to 95 are in place of all of Godzilla 98’s scene with the exception of a few minor Millennium footage from 2000 & GMK

  • The story remains relatively the same however alot of Audrey’s screen time along with a few other scenes are reduced significantly as i wanted to trim alot of the fat in the story & focus on the both the Big-G & action

  • Toho sound effects are implemented for that classic Toho feel

  • Surprise guest star will be introduced at the end (absurd but again so is the edit)

I’ll be posting updates on the edit both on here & YT until the final release but until I hope you guys will like it!