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Stranger Things - Film Edition

Anakin Starkiller said:

In my books a film should never exceed 2 and 1/2 hours.

As I said that’s the perfect runtime for me too.
But in my books a film should also have structure, logic and continuity. And in this case I made the choice to sacrifice the runtime in order to achieve those goals.

So if for example Steve appears in the end of Film 1 with blood on his face, I can’t get rid of his stupid argument with Nancy because that’s where Jonathan comes and breaks his nose.

Stranger Things - Film Edition


I decided to revisit the whole project from the start, since I have not been happy with the final result for some time now. Many transitions between scenes were a bit rough and some plotlines may have not been quiet easy to follow.
Major adjustments accured on all three films for better pacing and a more immersive experience for first time viewers and fans alike. Naturally, this also made the movies a bit longer.

As soon as all three films are available for sharing I will post another announcement and update the original post with the new runtimes and changelists.

For now, I can share with you some of the changes I made for “Stranger Things 2”.
As some of you pointed, losing Eleven’s storyline may has not been the brightest choise. So, in this approach
I decided to include her whole arc insted of a flashback later on.
But this choice lead to a much longer final cut. So, in my current cut for “Stranger Things 2” I left out the whole Lost Sister plotline, since many viewers find it odd and hasn’t really anything to do with the overall story.

In order to justify some developments throught the movie, I made two new scenes.
The first one is a dream sequence at El’s mother’s house where she sees what happened back in Hawkins which leads to her return.
(password: edit1)
The second one is an alterantion of Brenner’s voiceover while El is closing the Gate, replacing his footage from Kali’s illusion with scenes from Season 1 and including a brief appearance of El’s mother istead of Kali.
(password: edit 2)

While I do believe that losing the Lost Sister plot makes a better movie, it surely creates a problem with El’s new punk look. I can only hope that Hopper’s comment about Aunt Becky giving her those clothes makes up for it.

Now, in case Kali returns in future seasons, I also made another cut with the whole Lost Sister plot in it.
In this cut, El travels to Illinois after finding out about her sister in her contact with her mother in Hopper’s cabin.
(password: edit3)

His Dark Materials: Film Edition

Fated-Dualist said:

I love the logo and font used in the thread (though you may have spelled ‘Compass’ wrong?)

Some very agreeable choices that you have trimmed as well. I hope to get my hands on the blu ray soon, and when I do I’ll be in touch t oask if I can have gethold of a copy of this alluring edit.

Lol. Thanks, I didn’t even noticed that. I will edit the post.

I am excited for you to check my edit and give some feedback.

His Dark Materials: Film Edition

I have been a fan of Philip Pullman’s fantasy novels since I first read them, so I was very excited to see Pullman’s vision on screen through the 2019 TV adaptaion.
I think the series overall captures the essence of the book pretty well, but many things didn’t work for me.
My initial goal was to recut the entire eight-part series into one film without making it too long and bloated. After several attempts I came down to two film cuts.

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass
Runtime: 2 hours 04 minutes

The first film includes Episodes 1-3 and is focused on introducing the world, establishing the characters and expounding the relationship between humans and their deamons.
I wanted this film to cover solely Lyra’s journey in her world, so I removed the entire plotline of Lord Boreal’s traveling to alternate Oxford. Some scenes of Lyra’s life in London and some parts of The Gyptians’ attempts to find the missing children have also been removed.

His Dark Materials: Nothern Lights
Runtime: 2 hours 38 minutes

The second film includes Episodes 4-8 and covers Lyra’s journey into the Far North.
I removed several bits of Lee Scoresby in Trollesund, most of the meeting with the Consul, Lyra’s first contact with Iorek Byrnison and the entire backstory of Farder Coram’s relationship with Serafina Pekkala. All of Mrs Coulter’s schemes with the Magisterium have also been removed, as well as many scenes at Bolvangar. I also altered Lyra and Lord Asriel’s reattachment, by removing his initial reaction.
The biggest change I had to make was the complete removal of Will Parry’s story and all of the scenes in his world with Lord Boreal. Will appears for the first time in the final moments of the film, when he discovers the entrance into the Multiverse.

PMs can be sent to me to receive download information as soon as both edits are available. You must own a legal version of the original material before viewing.

Stranger Things - Film Edition

Anakin Starkiller said:

No Eleven. Every scene with Eleven up to the point where she appears in Byers’ house was removed.

I mean it makes sense for runtime but at the same time you’re losing by far the best plotline. If anything, I’d rather have a movie just covering El’s story in Season 2.

I hear you. I struggled a lot with this choise.
As I said,my main goal was the runtime and with her whole story the film was just too long.

I want to revisit the whole project sometime in the future (maybe after Season 4) and maybe then I will try to make a seperate film.

Stranger Things - Film Edition

The idea for my first faneidt attempt was to recut each season of Stranger Things into three full length films, like a horror franchise from the '80s. I wanted to create three cohesive movies to watch alone as a recap of each season or for a first viewing without having to watch entire seasons.
Many scenes and subplots were removed and some major changes occurred in order to create an easy to follow and comprehensive story.
My initial goal was to keep the movies under 2 hours and 30 minutes -my personal ideal runtime- but obviously I failed.

Runtime: 2 hours 38 minutes


  • Less Wheeler family.
  • Less Eleven and Benny interaction and no investigation for Benny’s death.
  • Less “bad men” searching for Eleven.
  • Less Hopper’s invastigation of Hawkins Laboratory.
  • No mentions and appearances of Will’s father.
  • No Terry Ives subplot.
  • Less Steve and Nancy romance.

Runtime: 2 hours 35 minutes


  • No Eleven. Every scene with Eleven up to the point where she appears in Byers’ house was removed. The narration of the film suggests that she died during the events of the previous film with only some small hints of her return. I decided to do that in order to maintain a more cohesive story for a more satisfying runtime focusing solely on the Mind Flayer.
  • Eleven’s journey. After revealing herself in Byers’ house follows a brief flashback of her journey from her return from the Upside Down to her visit to her mother and her reattachment with her sister.
  • Less Max and the boys trying to befriend her.
  • Almost no Billy.
  • Less Joyce and Bod.
  • No Nancy and Steve conflict.
  • Less Dr. Sam Owens.
  • Less Dustin and Dart.
  • Less Nancy and Jonathan at Murray’s home.
  • Less intarigation of Will in the shack.
  • No flashbacks from Season 1.

Runtime: 2 hours 48 minutes


  • No Billy and miss Wheeler romance.
  • No Hawkins Post.
  • No miss Driscoll subplot.
  • Way less Mayor Larry Kline.
  • Less Nacny and Jonathan.
  • Less Joyce research about the magnets and less Scott Clarke.
  • Less Heather.
  • Less Dustin, Steve, Robin and Erica at the Russian lab.
  • No Russian interrogation.
  • No Steve and Robin romance.
  • Less Hopper and Joyce romance.
  • Less Murray and Alexei.
  • Νο Suzie and Dustin’s song.
  • No flashbacks from previous seasons.

The edits will soon be avaliable just by sending me a PM.
I would love any feedback and/or ideas on how to improve this progect.
Stay tuned!

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

Anjohan said:

Season 8, being as underwhelming as it has been, has made it necessary to change up certain end game aspects. Which is why I’m making a quick blueprint on the last season to work my way up to with the remaining films.

This is the rough cut of my version of Daenerys’s turn to madness:

As a rough cut it is put together pretty good, with room for impromvent.
But will this mean that Missandei’s death and Danny’s intense look over the city won’t make it to the final cut?

Also, I am and will be waiting for some update for Film 4.

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

Ι finally finished Film III “A Feast for Crows”… and it was a blast!
I have to say that Season 3 might be my favourite and I was a bit anxious about your cut.

I also have to admit that some things weren’t exactly how I was expecting them to be, but your editing was trully flawless and the whole film felt really smooth and delightful.
As I have said before, this progect is your artistic vision and I am going to watch it as such.


I really liked the fact that you chose to begin the film with a “cold start”.
At first I thought why didn’t you start the film with Sam running away from White Walkers, as the previous one ended, but then I came to realize that showing from the beginnig the aftermath of the battle was a smart choice.
The return of Daenerys was definitely a plus, but I was hoping to see also some of the scenes out from Season 2 you left. Especially her vision in the House of the Undying because of the events of the final season.
One other thing that I was hoping to see and didn’t make the cut was the whole ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’ arc. But I understand why you chose to left it out and, if I have to be honest, it didn’t affect at all Jaime’s and Brien’s growth throughout the film.
Finally, concerning the “big event” of Season 3, I was hoping that you would leave it completely untouched for I believe it is trully a flawless sequence. But again I liked what you chose to do. Merging of the ‘mergins’ in a montage between the weddings of the Freys and the Lannisters, was I really smart move. And of course THAT ending. A “cold start” and a “cold end”. Genius.

Summing up, I think Film III was a bit more ‘artistic’ than the previus two films and I absolutely loved that.
I have said it before and I will say it once more: You are doing God’s work here. I salute you, frined.
I can’t wiat for Film IV!

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

Anjohan said:

And as Random and me have been talking about on PMs, revealing Bran to be the Night King could make for a more satisfying and dark ending. I could reveal him to have warged into Daenerys, or the dragon, right before the slaughter. It would still justify her plotline - slowly losing her mind; because she would still at this point be conflicted and mad and having burned Varys and threatened Tyrion, but instead of the insanely sudden shift to genocide; it would be Bran/NK who would put the final nail in the coffin.

I, personally, think that the most emotional and dark ending would be if Bran was revealed to have warged into Drogon (and not Daenerys) and performed the slaughter, and Daenerys would kind of just have had to stand for what had happened - making the episode 6 material be more of her having been forced to go Mad Queen rather than chosen to do so. It would also make more sense, as the dragons are many times told to be uncontrollable and dangerous throughout the series. Therefore, Daenerys would try to hold face and pretend to be all just and true about what has happened, when in reality she’s completely destroyed. Her death would also be more tragic, because the audience would be the only ones to know that what happened wasn’t really her (dragon’s) doing.

Either way, long time until film 8 (or perhaps 9/10) now - but tell me what you think!

As I said, this is your vision, so you get to choose how the story goes.
What I have read sounds interesting and I am curious to see how it will end up to the final cut.

But for now, I will be waiting for any update about Film III and IV.

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows

So glad that this project is near completion. I have fully enjoyed your previous cuts and I completely trust your choises and skills for this one.
I am super looking forward to it.

As far as it goes with the changes you want to make to Season 7 and 8, I just hope you won’t tweak things too much.
Despite all of its flaws I want to enjoy the show for what is it. But then again this is your project, your own vision so I will watch and enjoy it for what you want it to be.

Game of Thrones - Film II - A Storm of Swords

Ι just finished watching both “A Tale of Kings And Honor” and “A Storm of Swords”.

You’ve done something really special here, my friend.
I loved both films and I admire your work, because they both felt like actual films and not just a bunch of scenes from a TV show sewn together. Your editing skills are top-notch and the addition of the LOTR music was genius. You managed to keep the absolute essential to the story parts, while maintaining a very nice flow.

If I had to give you one note and start nitpicking, I would only say that at first I wasn’t so sure about the aspect ratio you chose. I get that you wanted to give a more cinematic feel to the scenes, but I think that at some parts it didn’t really work for me. But again this is just a tiny flaw and just my opinion.

Congratulations once again and thank you so much for what you’ve done. I am super looking forward for your next films.
I know how hard this effort is, but do you have in mind a release date for the next instalment?