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Spence's Obi-Wan Kenobi (V3 Released)

SpenceEdit said:

Better be careful, the anti-TLJ crowd might discover our conversation soon.

I was amazed by Luke throwing away his lightsaber. I really like it and think it’s a great scene.
It’s absolutely okay when heroes struggle, find a way to live through their hard times and finally get over it. That’s what we all do. So why shouldn’t our beloved SW heroes?

OLD BEN: An Obi-Wan Kenobi Fan Edit [ON HOLD]

jkimm said:

NFBisms said:

If you have any more general ideas for an edit, there is a more general redux thread for the show. I’m still just trying to break the first act of my personal edit here lol. Not that I don’t appreciate anyone trying to help, but I do have more specific goals than being everyone’s else’s wishlist. I do read that thread and if any of those ideas appeal to me, I’ll reference it here as I fold them in

Agreed. Most of us are here because of the unique approach you’ve taken. The comments should focus on what you’ve released and avoid directing you where to go. It’s your vision after all.



@Anjohan: I’m looking so forward to your edit(s), I cannot tell. All your alterations make more sense then the original edit.

Here some ideas of mine:

The last duel:

  • Will you keep the line of Vader saying: “Did you come to defeat me?”, it was him following Obi Wan, wasn’t it? So IMO it makes not much sense .
  • Obi Wan makes three rolls in the whole duel. One would be enough
  • Obi Wan holds his lightsaber two-handed behind his back and waits long enough until Vader hits him in the face. Is that, what a Jedi would do?
  • Vader using the force to crack the ground and burying Obi Wan with rocks is also a little too much, why is there hollow ground anyway? Obi Wan could have some flashbacks of Luke, Anakin, Padme (Leia, too, if needed) during the fight to gain his full strength again, the burying is not necessary.
  • Maybe Obi Wan saying: “Goodbye, Darth!” is a little too cheesy?

The Inquisitors:

  • Let Reva don’t talk at all! Would make her more threatening than always yelling around.

Take all the time you need to make the edit you want to make.


NFBisms said:

This is something I put together in the other Kenobi redux thread, just in case it could be relevant to this project in some way:

NFBisms said:

I was one of those suckers who was actually really excited for Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) because Deborah Chow and Kelley DIxon’s work on Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fuckin’ rule. Needless to say, that was a bit misguided.

So I took a crack at editing the show to be closer in tone and style to what I expected out of BB-verse alumni.

I don’t think I’m going to do the whole show, but it was just a fun little experiment. The edit isn’t supposed to be like BB/BCS fwiw, just approaching the material with some of the storytelling philosophy I learned from them.

At the very least, Deborah Chow’s sensibilities as a director were still conducive to being arranged in this way so at least some of my excitement wasn’t unfounded

This is so great looking and would be such a wonderful introduction, if it would fit with the tone of the rest of the movie! I hope Anjohan is really making two versions, so your edit will be inserted as a whole.

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Hello there!

I’m in love with Star Wars since 1977, when I was a little kid, but too young to watch the movie in the local cinema. So I got the german issue of the PANINI sticker collector album “Krieg der Sterne”.

The first movie to watch was TESB in 1980, can’t remember exactly how I felt that day, but I must be triggered by something, 'cos since then I had to watch every SW movie when it came out. Every time it was shown on TV and later the Special Editions on VCR. First I liked the new additions, but when I got the possibility to watch the unaltered versions again in 2006 I saw immediately that this was something much more cooler. Since then I hope 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm or even Disney would issue the Original Trilogy in an appropiate format/version.

In the 2010s I discovered the art of fanedits, and how I love what TMBTM has done with his Grindhouse edits!

Now I registered just to give my two cents to the process of getting a proper cut of the Obi Wan series, which is nearly a disaster throughout IMHO.