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STAR TOURS (1987) Restoration and Saving of the Original Movie Attraction

Heya people! I hope you’re well 😃
As I previously said months ago, I was waiting some new from Mr Kris Van de Sande who finally uploaded on his YouTube page a great part of the original STAR TOURS ride in HD (the last french version from DisneyLand Paris)! I spotted that I completely forgot to share the video here for people who maybe missed it.
Sadly, it’s not the full ride it’s only the “trench run part + the end” but it’s already a big step forward to bring back the full film.
It’s actually more or less close of what Disney is showing on their own Cruise Line as @Jsmovieguy13 showed us in his previous post.

Enjoy! 😃
It truly gives goosebumps!

STAR TOURS (1987) Restoration and Saving of the Original Movie Attraction

LexX said:

Nice! Do you know where he got it/why it was cropped? Does he have the film or know someone who has it?

As I said I really don’t know ^^", I simply asked gently to him all the footage he has, if I have this material I’ll be maybe able to start a good restoration. I’ll ask him more details about where he found the video after he replied to me.
For now, you can see the amazing footage he uploaded on YouTube:

When I saw it for the first time in a such glorious quality I had goosebumps ^^

STAR TOURS (1987) Restoration and Saving of the Original Movie Attraction

alextheburger said:

I have been restoring the WIP ride video as well for a while (on and off), I just found this forum and I am new
sorry about having the video bars at the bottom but it is a good compare contrast
(i know that poita made one but im not on the myspleen so idk)

Hello again, after some months/a year and searching again and again any kind of new materials…I contacted someone named Kris Van de Sande who has some good quality footage of the 1987 film. Sadly, as he told me he doesn’t have the entire ride. However he has the complete footage of the attack on Death Star including the Trench Run, the light-speed exit and the arrival at the astroport (the end of the ride). The footage is actually in a very very good quality however it’s sadly cropped to 16/9 and there is lot of the picture missing. It’s actually the most preserved footage I saw of the ride. I’m desperately searching missing video parts to complete the film and maybe find the complete video in his original format (not cropped to 16/9)

Here are some screenshots I did to show you a comparison of this amazing great quality version with the common “terrible low quality yellow” WIP ride video. I hope you’ll enjoy. I asked gently to Kris Van de Sande to share me all the videos he has about the ride. I’m actually waiting his answer. V1.png?dl=0

If you have some news about the STAR TOURS Original film…feel free to reply! =)

STAR TOURS (1987) Restoration and Saving of the Original Movie Attraction

That’s sounds very great, Thanks! =)
The other question I’m thinking about is if they substituted all the old rides by the CGI films…
(…soon the last in DisneyLand Paris, I don’t know if the ride is already close but it seems always open…)
I don’t know what will happen to the original 1987 footage. Just hope they will not destroy it!

This very short movie has the magic of the Orignal Trilogy’s Soul. That’s why I created this topic…
I just don’t want that the only available copies will be simple “on ride” or terrible quality videos on YouTube =/

The story of this amazing ride footage remind me too much the story of the STAR WARS Original Trilogy replaced with CGI effects…even in this case ALL the 1987 STAR TOURS footages will disappear next year.

STAR TOURS (1987) Restoration and Saving of the Original Movie Attraction

Hello everybody !

I came here to ask you a little question. Did you know if someone at OrignalTrilogy planned to restore/preserve the Original 1987 STAR TOURS film attraction movie made for The Walt Disney Company
(At its debut at Disneyland in 1987, it was the first attraction based on a non-Disney produced film)

The film is front projected onto the screen from a 70mm film projector located beneath the cockpit barrier.
On the internet /YouTube/DailyMotion, there is always very poor copies of this incredible film.
The majority of theses videos are 'On Ride" films as this one (the most clear and detailed I found):

However there is a very interesting test footage searchable on YouTube
This is a post production copy of the STAR TOURS ride film before it was sent to Disney for further visual and sound editing. Two of the most noticible things that confirm this is the bright tint and shade of yellow on the objects that show up on the screen as well as the dialouge in the video is different than what is played on the ride.

Since some years now, the original 1987 film attraction (with the “old vintage special effects”) is more and more replaced by a totally new uninspired Star Wars tour made with CGI.
(It does not remind you a famous original trilogy?) ^^
I wanted to know if someone at originaltrilogy planned to protect the original 1987 film in the same way as Harmy did for the three Star Wars movies (Preserve a scanned HD copy).

DisneyLand Paris in France is always the only one to have this 1987 movie in his STAR TOURS attraction…but it was announced that they will receive the updated ride and will open in 2017. The Ride will be closed during his update in 2016, which will mark the original ride’s final closure.
I think it could be an incredible project to restore and preserve this short incredible movie…
…if someone can find a copy of it

Many thanks again everybody for your incredible work at Original Trilogy.
I wish you a good luck on all of your projects ! You’re saving great pieces of Cinema History !

May the 4th B with U