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Humourous Rant about Lucas on MSNBC
Originally posted by: CO
Originally posted by: GoodMusician
I still maintain that the PT lost a lot in the editing room. Far too much to editing. all so the movies could be shorter. I'd pay to see the movies (especially AOTC) 30 minutes longer with the material that should be in there, back in, and maybe some of the unnecessary material cut out... like a bit of the fighting on Geonosis.

The difference between Lucas 70's and Lucas 00's is two big people who crowded his vision: Ben Burtt (a SOUND designer) and Rick McCallum.

I don't think the big problem with the PT is editing, it is the lack of heart and characters moviegoers don't care about is the biggest problem, let alone which demographic Lucas was going after: The Jar Jar Audience, or the Anakin burning up audience?

Personally, I don't really care about the PT characters, except maybe Kenobi, as Lucas was able to give him a good storyline in AOTC, but utterly was wasted in TPM and ROTS was overshadowed by Anakin. Anakin & Padme are the key to the whole PT, and most people I know don't give a rats ass about either character, Anakin is a whiny, creepy, a-hole the minute he sets foot on screen in AOTC. Padme is a boring, monotone one dimensional character who loses the will to live as her character arc?

The thing OT fans take for granted is that the characters in 4,5,6 are probably some of the most relatable, realistic characters ever put on screen in this genre. They each have a personality that one of us can relate to. Leia is spunky, edgy and alot of girls look up to her, and Carrie Fisher played her to perfection. Hammil is the golden boy that every little kid wanted to be as he is the ultimate good guy. Ford is the coolest guy in a GFFA, and he is also the funniest too as he mocks C3PO for 3 movies and does what he does. Those are real characters, and that makes the movies so much more believable in that sense. Padme & Anakin are just a bunch of bores that have zero chemistry, and it just takes you right out of the movies, just think if Ford & Fisher had zero chemistry, would ESB work?


With the OT you had characters that were interesting in their own right, whereas with the PT, they were just mouthpieces for whatever passes for Lucas' (latest) personal ethic or 'philosophy' these days....