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The Little Mermaid (1989) - 35 mm (fully funded)

MattMahdi said:

Fascinating, jolennon.

And thanks for a comparison. It’s enlightening. I may find myself switching discs to try to compare, but that will probably be an exercise in futility.

Is it odd that they would use the same master but tinker with the colours?

I’m personally a bit annoyed. The Disney Movie Club got me my copy a day early, so when I got home from work last night I tore open the parcel and — they accidentally sent the BD instead of the UHD. It’s going back to them today or tomorrow.

Not only the colors, there are many changes from the Diamond Edition, the grain has been completely removed in this new version and the picture frame is a little bit more opened now. They also corrected film “mistakes” like the Grimsby hand over Carlotta, the torn background in the “Ursula’s Defeat” scene, and as you already said, the colors are different, they are darker but more saturated and sometimes more “artificial”. It’s not a bad edition, but definitely not a good PRESERVATION of the original film.

The Little Mermaid (1989) - 35 mm (fully funded)

VintageMan94 said:

Dr. Cooper said:

Donors got access to a first release in November, but as already mentioned in the first post I can’t tell if and when a wider release is going to happen.

However, my project of “Mulan” still needs lots of fundings, so anyone who’s interested in helping on that one can of course also get access to “The Little Mermaid” right away:

oh please do

I would love to see this in 35mm too.

Mulan (1998) - 35 mm (Help needed!)

Doctor M said:

I’m more curious what the point is than the sketchy payment plan.

Mulan was created on a digital system and digital releases are directly transferred from that. A transfer from film adds more copying steps between the source and the final release.
This is a case where film prints would have the WRONG color if it differs from the existing home releases and quality can only be worse.

Not to say that it’s not beyond Disney to have messed with the colors after the fact, but you could still color correct because there are enough existing sources to match it to.

You are right but, maybe they (we) want to watch the film the way it was projected in theaters when it premiered, that was a 35mm print from the digital CAPS source.