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Star Wars: A New Threat (TFA EDIT)

darthrush said:

TK251 said:

darthrush said:

I would also maybe try to do the following in line with your plot restructuring:

-Cut together a star being sucked up with Hux’s speech. I overlayed it with the last section of “Anakins Dark Deeds”. If you want a preview clip, I can upload that. Basically Hux now prepares a speech for the star being sucked up. This is cut together pretty well.
-Then all references to Starkiller aiming at the resistance or the Hosnian destruction are removed. Believe me, the cuts are seamless.
-But yet I’m puzzled on how to implement the Hosnian destruction later on. I was thinking putting it right after the shot of Rey and Finn desperately shooting at troopers (before Chewie blows exposlives). Then we cut back to Chewie blowing them, then we cut to Poe breaking through the opening and hopelessly destroying the base. We intercut this with Rey and Finn escaping. This entire sequence would be rescored for improved emotional impact. Then you let movie play out as normal except we cut to people evacuating during the lightsaber fight instead of cutting to Poes trench run which would be shifted right before Hans death.

I have done the work for the Hux speech and most of the cuts leading up to Hans death but I am still thinking of how to handle the third act. This could be possibly implemented in V2 of your edit and would really redefine the experience of the movie as a whole.

I would like to see how you handled Hux’s speech it is similar to what I am doing.

Yah I’ll try to get a preview up later tonight once I get home

Sorry to bug you. Have you gotten around to uploading that preview