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Original Jurassic Park Trilogy 35mm Preservation Project

Hello Everyone,

I am TGR97 or better known as Wedge Antilles in the Jurassic Park community. I come to you today to tell you about a special project that I have been blessed to be a part of. I teamed up with fellow OT Forum user doombot to bring to you all 4K scans of the 35mm reels for the original Jurassic Park Trilogy!

What does this mean? Well, we will be bringing to you 4K scans of the Open Matte versions of Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 as well as a matted version of The Lost World! They will also be presented in the original colors as it was seen in the theatres, making it the most authentic versions of the films out there!

So far, we have:
• Fully scanned JP3 and are working to clean it up
• Currently scanning TLW
• Fully scanned and encoded in 4k Open Matte version of the first Jurassic Park teaser from 1992.
• Fully scanned and encoded in 4k Open Matte version of a Jurassic Park trailer from 1992.

We still have to do:
• Jurassic Park

We are looking to collect 1.4k to finish this project! If anyone wants to donate, please send me a DM and I will give you the donation link.

By donating, you will get access to everything you see here + whatever other special goodies we can get + downloadable custom Blu Ray kits made by me!

Here are some pics for JP3!


DONATED (as of 2022/05/04): 2,303.35$

Info Wanted: the 2 Ewok Theatrical Movies - any HD Upscales?

Hey everyone,

Is there any fanmade HD Upscales for the Ewok Movies (mostly because a friend and I are gonna be burning the Despecialized Movies, Holiday Special on Blu Ray and I thought it would be cool to have a whole OG Trilogy set going on) or is the DVD rips the only versions out there (cause if anything I’ll put it on DVD only.


Star Wars Holiday Special - Zion Hybrid v2 (Released)

CatBus said:

I don’t think anyone can answer that until you do it. What you’re describing is the same thing as AVCHD discs (Blu-ray format on DVD media, which work on some players, but not others), but in reverse. You’re making DVD format on Blu-ray media. I’m assuming, like AVCHD, some players may understand what to do with it, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Springing for some writable DVD media would be pretty painless and would always work.

I see I see, Thanks for the patience and the reply!

Star Wars Holiday Special - Zion Hybrid v2 (Released)

CatBus said:

TGR97 said:

If I were to burn the VIDEO_TS Folder onto a Blu-Ray disc, will it work as if it were a DVD or not?

Not in a DVD player it wouldn’t, the media’s not readable. But software players don’t care about filesystems and media. i.e. VLC can play VIDEO_TS from NTFS. In a Blu-ray player, I doubt such a disc would work reliably across models, if it works at all – it is readable, but doesn’t match any known disc spec.

So basically if I burn the file onto a disc and pop it into a PS4/PS3/Blu Ray player it will work? Sorry, I do not get the last part