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Lucas is Giving up a Great $$$ Maker Here, No?
Wouldn't it be nice if both the original trilogy and the special edition were on DVD? Fans of the new could buy that, fans of the original could buy that, and die-hards could buy both; I mean, look at what happened with Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: first they put out the theatrical release, then the expanded. I know several people who own both because the special features were different.

I mean, imagine if they were to put different special features on the different sets, like original trailers and teasers and old archived interviews with cast and crew on the original, and "making of" the special edition and Lucas' ideas on why he changed the trilogy on the second. Some fans would want it all and buy it all.

Not only is Lucas ripping away fans of the original's dreams, but he's giving up a great money-making idea for the studio and Lucasfilm. Perhaps a new petition flashing dollar signs in front of board members' faces, sent to Lucasfilm directors or to any other copyright holders, would be a good idea. If we can't make them please us by showing that we're true fans, perhaps we should try tempting them with money.