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kk650's Regraded Titanic (1997) IMAX (blanket yellow tint removed from 3D blu-ray)

Outstanding work!!!
I always knew that that yellowish tint was definitely not right. And I wonder why Cameron, who’s a very perfectionist, would come out with something like that. Definitely a bummer!
Anyway, is there a chance to download this release somewhere else than MySpleen? Perhaps MEGA or some other cloud website?
I would love to have this regraded version in my huge TITANIC collection. I already have the pre-2012 HDTV rip that’s been out for quite some time now. But it’s nothing spectacular, compared to the 2012 remaster.
Thanks in advance

Titanic UK HDTV broadcast (pre 2012 changes)

Hello everyone.
I just Registered after seeing a few threads regarding the TITANIC 35MM preservation (great job, btw, on that one. Can’t wait to watch the entire thing) and this one.
I wanted to know which is the best version to get of this HDTV pre-2012 rip. Basically there are 2 HDTV pre-2012 rips floating around the web, one is the Rutracker one that is 25GB and the other one is 14GB and has the English DTS-ES 6.1 track taken from the European Deluxe Collector’s Edition DVD set and Swedish subtitles. Both run at 25fps and have the same runtime.
But, after hearing that there is an open-matte pre-2012 HDTV rip floating around, I’m kinda confused about which version should I get.
I tried downloading the one from Rutracker but takes ages to download. And the other one, which is on Piratebay, won’t even start.
If you guys can help me out with this, it would be very much appreciated.
Anyone who was downloaded both can tell me if it is the same master used for the 2005 release or if it is a different one.
Also, where should I get the Q2 Extended Edition? I tried looking around, even NZB search engines, but couldn’t find anything.
Seems like this particular release is very hidden on the web. Not even torrent websites have it.
Thank you.