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MySpleen Forgotten Password

I cannot for the life of me remember my password, or the answers to my security questions… Could someone help me out here? I know the username and what email it will be attached to.


Moderator Edit: The ’How do I do this?’ on the - some info & answers to members’ queries thread may be of some assistance as well as containing useful information on the current status of Myspleen invitations, links to the Myspleen forum - password resets and forgotten usernames etc, how to acquire certain projects on here, and much more…

MySpleen do have their own forums, here -

How Many Versions are there of the AOTC

Ryan-SWI said:

As an extra tidbit though, the comment about it being identical to the VHS release (the theatrical version, that is), is actually true for the TPM VHS release… Kind of. I’m not going to get super into it here but there are one or two minor altercations between the theatrical and VHS releases of TPM that prevent it being truly accurate, but it’s very close.

Could you elaborate on this? I always assumed theatrical TPM and VHS TPM were identical.

Attack of the Clones - Centropy Theatrical Telesync "Remastered"

I’ve got to echo what Pickle said, especially the part about this being good for those of us who want to see every detail. I watched the clip, and it’s honestly overall more enjoyable than watching the original Centropy release. Thanks for putting in the effort. If you could make the entire thing like that, I’d love that. Until we get that film reel from eBay, this might have to do…