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A thank you to all!

I have been working through downloading the NVJC BD copies. I have the 2011 blu-rays and the 2006 DVDs. This is truly wonderful. I appreciate all the hard work everyone put in to creating these restorations and preservations of these films. I just got ANH up and running and I’m blown away.

My dad received the VHS trilogy for Christmas back in 1995. We all sat down as a family to watch these together and I have been a fan since. These movies have meant a lot to me and I’m overjoyed to be able to enjoy this in a quality they deserve.

I’m sure I’m not the first to get emotional about these projects and I won’t be the last. Thank you for all your hardwork! I look forward to digging into the history and processes used to create these!

<strong>The Expanse</strong> - <em>2015-???? TV Series</em>

Vultural said:

I just finished S04 and was underwhelmed. For those who have viewed S05, is it markedly better?
Also, has S06 been confirmed? I know a big reason why the second trilogy was picked up was because Jeff (Amazon) Bezos was such a fan.
With him stepping down in the third quarter this year, I wondered how the new bosses regarded the series.

I do believe S05 was much better than S04. It balances a lot of story pretty well IMO. S06 was confirmed and will be the last season. Each season is based on one of the books and this is a good ending point. The next 2 books are based 30 years in the future.