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Ranking the Star Wars films
  1. The Empire Strikes Back
  2. Star Wars
    Sometimes ESB and SW will share #1, especially when I watch them both back to back. No matter how many times I have watched the Holy Trilogy, there’s nothing better than getting to ESB by going through SW.
  3. The Return of the Jedi
    SW, ESB, and ROTJ can easily share the #1 spot for me. One great story. I mean whenever I think of Star Wars, or discuss it; I think of the whole story. One long chapter of an epic story. Despite the issues, I have and share with all of you, when I first saw this in the theater when I was a kid, those flaws didn’t exist then, and those feelings I had as a kid watching Star Wars is one of the many reasons why I love them so much. The adult in me understands filmmaking and storytelling, but the kid in me only knows Jedi and Sith, good vs. evil, the light and the dark.
    Plus, Leia looking amazing while choking the life out of a gluttonous fascist that tried to put her in chains…oh and murderous teddy bears.
  4. Rogue One
    Sure, there are some flaws: I would have like more character development, and maybe Forrest bring it down to a 9 or so. But this was essentially what my friends and I played as kids when we played Star Wars after school…Snarky droid and all! Great cast and characters. Also…Vader scene.
  5. The Force Awakens
  6. Rebels
    So far, I’m really digging Rebels. Great story arcs, Tom Baker, BDW and JEJ, McQuarrie nods everywhere and sometimes, very rarely, Esra doesn’t talk. Most importantly, Thrawn in Canon (with a book coming)! And…Ahsoka lives! (I’m really hoping).
  7. The Star Wars Holiday Special/Battle For Endor/Caravan of Courage
  8. Clone Wars series…get to see Anakin and Obi Wans friendship. Most importantly, Ahsoka’s introduction to Star Wars. She’s become a favorite.
  9. The Phantom Menace
  10. Revenge of The Sith
  11. The Attack of the Clones/Clone Wars vol. 1 + Clone Wars vol. 2/The Clone Wars (2008)
    All Clones are tied…probably because of all the sand.
Ideas for Batman the game

Spuffure said:

Now, how should joker die in the game? it can’t be at the hands of batman, because he doesn’t kill and golden age doesn’t count. He has to die in an epic way, like falling.
Broken heart…or ends up covered in sand. Joker hates sand…😁
He should die similarly like barbaras attack in KJ, if you go that story route. If not, then at the hands of Jim to protect his daughter, or Harley in some twisted way that takes her to place shell never leave (not literal place). Or shes defending Poison Ivy and you can use that relationship in the story. Maybe ivy killing him. Its a crazy thought but if you could somehow use the swamp thing batman story arc that would be epic…but difficult as all hell. Thinking of a justice leaguer who maybe hasnt killed but could. Or even better robin kills him.

Ideas on jokers death?

how about: Oracle’s Revenge. she’s the mastermind in the arc of your story who pulls the strings, and unwittingly to batman, robin (if you got one), and to the player, she’s the mastermind of a revenge plot to get the joker. So along the way, different people are considered as the guilty party, and the revenge can be just as brutal as her story was. (Maybe the tragedy could be that Gordon has to take the blame to keep Barbara clear.

Ideas for Batman the game

sounds like an exciting undertaking! i say start with your own joker, its a world you’re creating, so use yours but keep another live action in your thoughts as you progress in development there maybe a place for another one (possibly somehow doing a more live actionish version of Hamill’s).
I don’t what you’re thinking by way gameplay; but I’ve always loved Hush as a character, also Zsasz can be a real dark graphic storyline (Lector thoughts). Freezes tragic story, carrie kelly can bring some attention to the game and be awesome to finally have in a game. Court of Owls can bring in Dad. Knightfall’s got some great ideas for character arcs. Im kind of just throwing all types out there depending on the game you’re making (like a GTA or KOTR or something totally different). Just some thoughts. Hope they’re not dumb. Sounds awesome though!