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Hello everyone! Even though Im really not new here since I had an older account I made years ago, well I couldn’t remember what my password was and the email address I registered with no longer is active, I consider this a fresh start.

I love Science Fiction movies, tv series and games. Im a big time Star Trek fan and MST3K fan. I also love Killer Whales and aquatic life. Cant you tell? 😉 I look forward to discussing movies and stuff in general. 😄

Edit: My avatar still wont show up, Hmm…I wonder why its not loading

RELEASED: &quot;Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)&quot;

I hope one day Paramount Pictures releases The Special Longer Edition on Blu Ray, but that is unfortunately doubtful at this point. Heck, I remember when they said they were releasing The Directors Cut on Blu Ray last year, but unfortunately that has been delayed and probably forgotten about due to the Pandemic. I really wish they could release “The Complete Motion Picture” including the infamous deleted scene “The Memory Wall”. I know it says on the Director’s Cut that they only did test shots with the suits flying by, but thats a lie. Ive seen the images of both Kirk and Spock in their spacesuits floating, walking around and talking. So there has to be footage of it somewhere locked away in the Paramount Vault. I know it exists! I mean they must of have gotten the unfinished studio shot footage of Kirk leaving the Enterprise to go after Spock from somewhere!

Star Trek The Motion Picture - Special Longer Version - 720p HD restoration/reconstruction/fanedit Version 1.0 (Released)

Yay! Im so happy you undertook and completed this amazing project! This is my favorite Star Trek film and the best version since it flows so nicely together. I was monitoring your progress on the old Special Longer Edition thread and I was wondering what became of it. I actually had to start up a new account so I could comment here since I couldn’t remember what my password was on my old account and the email I had signed up with no longer exists. XD

Edit: Oh, I just now read the above post about MS giving you trouble. I hope we can still see it somewhere else.