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Lord of the Rings - FOTR - The Book-Cut (Released)
As many others have said before me, I think the way the book was worked for the book. Tolien originally wanted to have six books, but the publisher wanted to save time and combine the books together. I personally think six movies that were normal length would have been better than three long movies, but then again, I'd say the movies are fine the way they are. Books can't be adapted exactly, but yours is probably good nonethless
A New Direction For The Petition
I agree with you on this issue. I saw each film when they originally came out, and have loved them ever since. I was excited when they were making the 1997 Special Editions, and cxherished them just as much, if not more, then the originals. Once the 2004 DVDs came out, I hated the new edition, seeing that the 1997 and 2004 versions were bastardized and molested severely. I was relieved when the 2006 Limited Editions came out, but was disappointed by the quality of the transfer. I was very furious, seeing that Lucas doesn't know the difference between a restoration and an alteration. You can't detroy how a classic was, because that's detroying history. I fully support this issue and want justice to be done.