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Star Trek is Gay
Originally posted by: HotRod
You're back for 2 mins and you come up with that?!?!

Ahh, lol, if only you saw it from my POV... feel free to disagree and believe that all star trek fans are intelligent, sane people if that makes you feel better. I'm not actually asserting the claim I made, just my own suspicions...
.: The XØ Project - Laserdisc on Steroids :. (SEE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES) (* unfinished project *)
Originally posted by: zion
Our initial captures of all three films on the XØ have been complete for some time. However, the THX editions -- the Definitive and Faces sets -- as you know have problems with fast motion shots because of the temporal filters they used in the cleanup process. We are entertaining thoughts of capturing several pre-THX sets with the XØ including the Special Collection LD's. Of course, the SC set does not come very cheap and we're a little too low on fundage at the moment to buy them off eBay.
I said I'd help before... before well, you know... how about I save up my paypal account and buy a set off ebay after X-Mas, then you can borrow them capture and I'll re-sell them!

- all I ask in return is my name in the DVD credits "the XØ team appreciates the help of DanielB" or something like that!
Info: cheer up, dude
I find Hannibal to be quite a good movie, though it's not as faithful to the book as it could have been... do you have any plans to fix Red Dragon? Cause THAT'S the one that needs it!

I'd love to see your version though, where will I find the torrent?

PS: You are of course right, Hannibal isn't a "good person" - however everyone has a good and a bad side. Which deleted scenes did you put back in?

If you can send me some hi-res Hannibal stuff I could have a look at doing a cover for you - I have the official DVD, so I could scan that, but aside from it I don't have any other appropriate artwork...