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(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (Final Update in Progress)

Just finished watching book 5,phenomenal!

Love the transitions of the flashbacks of mando to where he’s about to rescue grogu,makes it more believable and impactful.

A lot more enjoyable without the unnecessary dialogue and filler. As well the reorganizing of certain scenes,and putting some dialogue from mando 2.5 with mando 3.as well as removing grogu

I don’t like the fact that ig is there,like why not have a statue of quill,i was fine with the ending of book 5,i’d rather grogu to stay with Luke,until maybe mando season 4.

Anyways great job! Keep up the great work!

The New Republic Movie Series EPIV: A Threat From Beyond (An Ahsoka Series Edit) [RELEASED]

Watched your episode 3 and 4 cut,it was good however i personally would try to cut out sabine’s training as well as her force sensitivity as much as possible.

Also in episode 3,can you cut out the line where ahsoka says i’d like to confirm that,and have them go straight to the planet? I personally found the ahsoka merry Poppins thing to be very dumb,like why didn’t they just stop and just shoot at the ship?

Episode 4/5 - cut out ahsoka using force at object,instead have her look at sabine’s helmet,then at purgil. I don’t remember her ever having that force ability.

Anyways great job!

Journal of the Whills - The Sequel Trilogy Completely Reimagined (Released)

This sounds amazing! Can you send me a link please?

Also it’d be cool if you can somehow have snoke being revealed as darth plagueis, and was behind the scenes the entire time.

Rey is either Luke’s (and Mara jade’s[adoptive]daughter), or Han and Leia’s daughter.

Finn is a force sensitive Jedi,that got his mind wiped.

Maybe in like a different edit,if you ever decide to do that one day.


Just finished watching your edit,it’s obviously better then the show itself.

There’s still problems that i still have with the show,that are in this edit,like sabine being ahsoka’s apprentice,using the force.

Ezra apparently not being held captive by thrawn,the zombie troopers that are worse then stormtroopers.

Ahsoka going out of the ship,is being shot at instead of having the ship be shot at.

I personally would have huyang say what it looks like (giant hyperspace ring),i would edit out ahsoka saying i would like to confirm that,and would have them go straight to the planet.

Also i wouldn’t have the whole wbw with Anakin,instead i’d have ahsoka be rescued… It was cool to see live action clone wars,but really ahsoka didn’t need to learn this,it was at least to me pointless,since she probably already knew that’s better to live then to die,she probably was already taught that.

Not sure how this can be done,have sabine forced pushed to the wall knocking her out,instead of being stabbed.

Also there’s still moments where,i could be wrong i’ll rewatch it, characters just stare for to long,the runtime is being stretched for to long.

Anyways good job!

I know it’s a lot to ask,but if you’re able to make any more changes,maybe in the near future,that’d be great. You don’t have to, just wanted to let you know…