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Info: Star wars return of the jedi possible film editing tape by A.V.I.D.

I have a Vhs tape that has on it in writing. Return of the jedi - jedi R-7. It starts off with colored lines and a time code. Followed by a 7 second count down inside a red triangle with A.V.I.D on the bottom of it and a time code that continually runs. The clip starts when luke is burning darth vader and continues till the end of the film. However when it gets to the fireworks and the city celebrations its all animated. No color but movement. The cities and people are not moving (camera is still panning across)but the ships are flying by fireworks are going off sounds are there but its all like pre-production no color. Thats for all three cities. Then there 2 stills of the ewoks celebrating also sketch drawings but music in backround. Then it goes back to full color and it shows the rest of the ending. Only thing is there are differences with this ending and the original movie that came out. I figured i would ask people who really know star wars what i have cause to be honest i have no idea. Thanks for your time. Stacy