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How to Record/capture .AC3 / .DTS on Video Game console, DVD or LaserDisc?


First of all, sorry if the method has already been solved, but I can not find anything on the web about my problem.
I’m looking for a good way or a good method or tutorial on how to capture digital sound other than PCM. So AC3 or DTS that are encapsulated in DVDs, console (PS2 / PS3 / Xbox) game or LaserDisc.

I’m on Windows 7 x64. I have ASIO4ALL.

My material is: Sound card, Sound Blaster Z with S/PDIF input
Phonic Digitrack = (16 bit / 2 Channels and 44100Hz at 48000Hz) with Coax input.

I Try with Foobar2000, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Reaper, QuickTime. But every time I get a classic PCM with noise (noise is different if AC3 or DTS) and when I use BeSplit or DTSParser, I have a DTS file with 0kb.

I wonder if I failed. I read that it is probably the fact that I do not have a Bitperfect record when it passes on my sound cards.

I read that the user Sebru had managed to make a DTS recording with a Phonic Digitrack. But impossible to have contact with him.

I read a lot of topics including several on your forum. I am desperate with all this failure.

I do not know if it’s the OS.
If it comes from software.
or From my sound cards.

thank you in advance