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Info & Offer: Volunteering my Services...

I’m Griff, I’m a filmmaker. Star Wars had a huge effect on me as a kid, and I credit it for inspiring me to make a career in film.

I’m eager to help Harmy with his Despecialized Edition, which I am endlessly inspired by, but have been told he tends to like to do things on his own. However, I was also told many of the sources in the Despecialized Edition use materials from other side projects, the kind that are done here.

So, if I can’t help Harmy directly, I’d love to help somewhere else. I am at a professional level with Premiere Pro CS6, proficient in Photoshop, and also quickly learning After Effects. I also am familiar with audio design.

I just graduated High School on Friday and have the next few weeks free, so let’s do this.

Where do I start?

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

Hello, I'm Griff, a filmmaker. 

 Although I'm only 18, I was privileged enough to see the original trilogy in it's unaltered form on VHS, back when I was just a child. Star Wars had a massive effect on me as a boy, and I credit it as the reason I am pursuing a career in film.

  I have years of editing experience, and am also at a professional level in Adobe Photoshop, among other programs. 

This project is so inspiring, I would be absolutely honored to help in some way, and I sincerely hope you can find some use for me. Naturally I work for free! 
edit: I am also learning Adobe After Effects as well, if that's useful.