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Spaced Ranger's Anduril

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OT Forum Rules (Old & New) Need Legitimacy

SilverWook said:

It was a temp ban, but you’ve probably shot yourself in the foot now with this little stunt. And you think creating six more socks in reserve is going to help your argument?

Pretty harsh, there, SilverWook. It’s shocking to see you deliberately mis-characterizing Spaced Ranger trying to communicate to the responsible party after having been denied any fair play or communication.

Why don’t you LIST those “names” of your so-called “sock puppets”, to demonstrate SR’s communications … 😉

BTW, Spaced Ranger is interested in the ban rescinded and his good reputation restored. You know … someone else’s bad.

OT Forum Rules (Old & New) Need Legitimacy

Behold, Spaced Ranger’s Anduril speaks:

Jay (and responsible minions), I haven’t come here as a new poster. Rather, I plead for the avatar of Spaced Ranger, whom you wrongly and unceremoniously banned without notice and courtesy of defense:

This defense is true:

  • Spaced Ranger broke no forum rules as you wrote them
  • You violated your own rules by the immediate and permanent ban of Spaced Ranger in the forum 's Off Topic section thread Politics
  • You singled out Spaced Ranger for immediate and permanent ban while letting off all others involved in strong cross-talk with mere warnings
  • One instigator, the most aggregious (if in another forum section), even defended himself (applying to Spaced Ranger as well) by your own stated “moderator hands-off” in the Off Topic section
  • Even worse, you immediately replaced your old rules, which stood against your own unjust actions, with new rules as a retro-active justification of your Spaced Ranger ban
  • Finally, the locking of the entire Politics thread, weeks after the banning of Spaced Ranger, is tacit admission that your arbitrarily ignoring your own rules was the real problem after all

To sum, if you have any respect for your forum, it’s posters, and it’s reputation among the community of open forums, you’ll admit your hasty and ill-advised action against a single poster, which smacks of something more indictive than professional, by restoring Spaced Ranger to his active state.

Heed the words of Spaced Ranger’s Anduril.