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Alien 1979 - 35mm scan opportunity (a WIP)

‘Took the money & ran is more than likely’ seems fairly cut & dry to me. Again - you don’t even know the person yet you want to assume he’s just stolen from those of us who have actually helped out with this project. There’s plenty of us including myself who can attest to the opposite. No one needs to get into specifics just to please some newbie with all of four posts that hasn’t made any contributions itself. Stay in your lane.

Alien 1979 - 35mm scan opportunity (a WIP)

brad86 said:

Another ‘took the money and ran’ is more than likely. Love to be proven wrong, but it’s all too easy, which is a real shame.

Got shafted myself out of a Demolition Man 35mm print. Yes, it was only £200, but that’s not the point.

Mate where do you get off making accusations of thievery against someone you obviously don’t even know? As someone who actually knows him I can attest that RU isn’t the kind of person to do anything like that. There’s always a constant backlog at scanning joints - you’re not taking something to a printing store to get copied…things like this take time, just because updates aren’t constantly forthcoming doesn’t mean someone has done the dirty. At the best of times getting something scanned in a proper facility is very time consuming, let alone with everything currently going on.

Next time don’t be a REDACTED REDACTED & try to start shit in public like you know a thing or two about someone as you’re going to come off looking like a complete tool.