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Song Of The South

towne32 said:

Is this the scan from the person who likes to charge money for that and Pinocchio, or a different person altogether (I know there are several)? That particular person loses their vote on the share-ability of the product, in my opinion, because they sell it for profit. And they often just collect the money and don’t send it. Better to share it far and wide to prevent him from ripping more people off.

My apologies and retraction if it’s about an honest scanner/sharer.

I’ve no idea if the one who got a hold of the print was trying to charge money for a copy of that & Pinoke or whether it’s someone else, all I was told is whoever had it scanned didn’t want it shared on trackers. This is the first I’ve heard about anyone charging for copies of them both, however if you are right & he does expect money in exchange for a copy when funding for the actual scanning has already been taken care of I gotta agree with you as selling them for profit is a douche move

Song Of The South

monks19 said:

Soupdrinker0 said:

SmoothHat said:

Colson said:

SmoothHat said:

So nobody has the Song of the South 35mm 1080p Version anymore?

There’s a great copy on the spleen.

I can’t find it there! I’m logged in but i can’t find it!

Check the PM I sent you bud 😃

Hi. I’ll be interested to get a copy of this scan myself if anyone here has it. Don’t hesitate to PM me please.


I didn’t PM him a link to a copy, I was told the person in charge of the scan didn’t want it shared & I always respect the wishes of those in charge when it comes to film scans. I figured he was most likely bullshitting about being a member and I asked a ? to get confirmation.

Edit: I know there’s a copy on MS using the source Colson mentioned with a few changes here & there, however that’s not the one I’ve got. My point was I had zero intention of helping someone out who was obvisouly lying about having an account at MS & who only made an account here to get his hands on SOTS then fuck off which is exactly what was in his/her mind. The other version of the scan with changes (V2 I think?) is on a few trackers but if you haven’t a membership the good Sir a few posts up may be able to help you out with the original 😉

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