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LOST: CIRCLE Season 1 finale

EddieDean said:

I’ve been following this over on for a while, and watched a lot of the episodes. Soundwave is a very competent editor, so these are very slick, and IMO they work incredibly well. The slow build of season one really works, and causological order definitely feels far more sensible to me than chronological. If you ever fancied a version of Lost like this, this is the one.

Aww thank you!!! That means so much to me seriously! You’ve been following my progress forever!!

LOST: CIRCLE Season 1 finale

Namaste, Losties!!!

Just your friendly neighborhood Soundwave here. I wanted to share with you all that my fan edit of LOST is about to hit it’s second season, with the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere releasing this coming Thursday, in ‘real time’ as our lord Jacob intended on Sept. 22nd

This project has been in the works for over ten years, but work on this iteration started in earnest in 2020. The goal of the project is to re-edit LOST and it’s extra materials in to brand new, Causological episodes. What that means is I’ve taken the timeline of lost and put it into true chronological order.And that means that Whatever Happened Happened, and the mechanics of LOST’s time travel are the guiding principle in shaking out the timeline of lost. So to be even more simple about this, the early episodes of the show do not feature any of the time travel scenes in season 5. Those scenes will come when they occurred to the people the focus on, IE. day 109+ on the island post crash.

The first season brings us from The Man in Blacks origin all the way to the crash of Oceanic 815 and the first episode of season 2 will be arriving on the same say as the s1 finale.

I think this edit is something pretty special!! I’ve worked for a very long time to push this to the level of quality I think LOST deserves and I’m really happy with the results and the feedback so far!! I’m doing a lot of additional restoration and addition with new color grades, missing pieces remixed in 5.1 surround and so much more! Here are a few clips to give you all a sense of the aims of this project!! This season features over four hours of additional music by Michael Giacchino, Angelo Badalamenti, Max Richter, Matt Hakel (oo that’s me!) and so many more!!

Season 1 finale clip - The Crash

Season 2 Digital Color Restoration comparison

Toxic Jack in Thailand

Nigeria Digital Color Restoration comparison clip

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in DM if you would like info on how to access the series! Season 1 has 14 episodes released so far with the final one dropping Sept. 22nd along with the season 2 premiere! You can also get more info, and see more clips on THE ISLAND discord server just @ me there and I’ll point you in the right direction! Thank you so much! Much love to all the other projects and fan editors who have spent countless hours on their visions of LOST

A New Edit/Approach Of LOST In chronological order (a WIP)

Namaste Losties!! I’ve been at work on a project with similar aims to this one called LOST: CIRCLE! I just finished season 1 and I’m a quarter done with s2! I’ve been releasing episodes weekly since early June!
I will make a proper post on it as well!

Here is a clip from the season 1 finale! A spiltscreen-less Crash!!

More info here as well!

Feel free to dm me with further questions!

LOST - Season 1, 2 and 3 Finale Fan-Edits (Released)

SpacemanDoug said:

Is anyone able to provide me with the original movie versions of the season 4 and 5 finales along with the season 6 premiere?

Even if they are from DVD rips or TV recordings I’ll still take them

Yo. To anyone looking for direct Bluray rips from the American sources I hereby offer my services!
I am working on a long form preservation/fan edit myself! And I have all of these in proper direct HQ files.
I’m also working on a 4K remaster (but for the whole series) so I would love to check out your results TheBoogeyman1023

Namaste my homies!