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Spider-Man 3 Back and Black (Released)

Spider-Man 3 Back And Black.

Version 1 (Rough Cut) is available

I think we can all agree that Spiderman 3 is by far not a perfect movie.
But i think we can all agree that its not an unwatchable movie either.
But it could be made better.

So I’ve took it upon myself to make spider man 3 live up to the rest of the trilogy.
Probably critics least favourite MCU Movie ever,
Now turned into a movie with no cringe,faster pacing and all out just a better movie

Available In HD: Yes 720p

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Original Film Title: Spider-Man 3

Fanedit Title: Spider-Man 3 Back And Black

Other Sources:
Spider-Man 2 The Movie Game

Original Runtime: 139 Minutes
Fanedit Runtime: 112 Minutes
Time Cut: 27 Minutes
Time Added: 0 Minutes


-Cut Peter saying I’m so nervous.
-Cut Peter singing along with Mary Jayne
-Cut Peter Saying “that’s my girlfriend”
-Cut Peter and Harry’s argument.
-Cut Peter talking to MJ
-Trimmed MJ and Peter looking at the stars
-Trimmed Peter Vs Harry Fight.
-Cut seeing that Marco Flint has turned into sandman.
(Reason for this you find out at the same time who sandman is just like peter)
-Cut Peter Saying go get him tiger
-Trimmed Peter avoiding objects .
-Added SFX from Spiderman 2 The Movie Game.
-Cut the pills scene.
-Cut Eddie flirting
-Cut the sand truck with the officers.
-Trimmed Sandman Vs Peter.
-Trimmed Peter emptying his suit.
-Trimmed Black Spiderman Vs Sandman
-Cut Peter yelling about the god damn door.
-Cut Mr Dickovich’s conversation with Peter.
-Cut Harry threatening MJ
(This makes MJ breaking up with Peter makes it also a surprise to us why is she breaking up with.)
-Trimmed Harry Vs Peter.
-Cut Peters “Really cool dance”
-Trimmed Peters “Sexy” dance.
-Trimmed Peter getting rid of the venom suit.
-Trimmed harry being told about his dad.
-Trimmed final fight.

  • Added a flash card
    -Roll Credits

Things Added
-Spiderman 1 scene of Dead Uncle Ben
-Spider Sense noise from the cafeteria scene
-Part of the spiderman 2 video game where he says wooooooo

Heres a little sample of the edit

Idea: 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World' - Hard Mode Edition

Recently i have started editing and creating short montages but now i have been thinking over an edit of the 2010 movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. My edit would contain cutting lots of the movie away cut some of the very cheesy scenes and trim the ending fight so Scott dies at the ending and end as that.

Cuts And Trims
-Cut Scott’s band talking about Knives
-Trimmed Scott’s and Romona’s “sex scene”
-Trimmed the fight with Matthew Patel
-Cut the scene with people saying Patel looks like a pirate.
-Trimmed Patel’s singing
-Cut Scott saying it doesn’t rhyme.
-Cut the breakup scene with Knives.
-Cut the joke with young Neil saying im Neil when Romona has gone.
-Trimmed the makeout scene with Romona and Scott/
-Cut the phone call with Nat
-Trimmed the conversation between Scott and Julie.
-Trimmed the conversation between Scott and Nat.
-Cut the scene with the other Scott.
-Cut the vegon now you will be gone joke.
-Cut Julie talking to Nat how she is pissed of for her.
-End on Scott “Dead” in the desert.

Rocky Balboa The Italian Stallion (Edit Of The Original 1976 Rocky) (Released)

Hi guys heres another edit I’m doing this is of the 1976 movie Rocky now into.

Rocky Balboa The Italian Stallion

To make the classic movie ‘Rocky’ more action pact and faster to get to the ending fight sooner.

Cultist And Trims:
Trimmed down the opening fight when rocky is an under dog.
Trimmed down rockys failure to impress Adrian by telling jokes.
Trimmed down rocky talking to paulie about rockys job.
Cut Out the arguement of mickey and rocky.
Cut out the first rocky fails run up the stairs.
Trimmed rocky punching the meat.
Trimmed rocky scene with his dog.
Trimmed the TV scene with apollos trainer watching the TV and seeing rocky.
Trimmed paulie freaking out.
Trimmed rocky seeing the posters wrong.
Trimmed Apollo and Rocky getting ready.
Made some of my own credits.

Available In HD: Yes


Synopsis:Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer from working-class Philadelphia, is arbitrarily chosen to take on the reigning world heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed, when the undefeated fighter’s scheduled opponent is injured. While training with feisty former bantamweight contender Mickey Goldmill, Rocky tentatively begins a relationship with Adrian, the wallflower sister of his meat-packer pal Paulie.

Austin Powers: Hey Austin (Sitcom Of The Original Trilogy) (Released)

So this is my first attempt at making a sitcom so i hope it goes well

This sitcom is of the classic trilogy. Austin Powers now into Austin Powers: Hey Austin!!

Sources: Austin Powers: The International Man Of Mystery
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers In Goldmember

Available In HD: Yes 720p

Intention: I love the Austin Powers movie since i was really little and they were all i watched but i also love friends the sitcom and since i edit stuff i was wanting to get a movie trilogy and turn it into a sitcom. Then i remembered Austin Powers, I played around with it for quite a bit and I saw that this could work if i did it right so now i give the awesome trilogy a new way to be watched.

Tagline: If He Were Any Cooler He’d Be Frozen In Time, Yeah Baby!!

Synopsis: A 1960s hipster secret agent who was beloved in his own time travels to the 1990 s To oppose his enemy Dr . Evil

Episode List:
Episode 1 : The One With The International Man Of Mystery.
Episode 2 : The One With Alotta Vagina.
Episode 3 : The One With Project Vulcan
Episode 4 : The One With All The Fembots
Episode 5 : The One With Little Mini Me
Episode 6 : The One With The Spy Who Shags Very Well
Episode 7 : The One With The Alan Parsons Project
Episode 8 : The One With The “Laser”
Episode 9 : The One With Daddy
Episode 10 : The One With The Mole !
Episode 11 : The One With The Tissue
Episode 12 : The One Where Daddy Told The Truth


Running Time: 250 Mins Ish

Son Of Sinbad