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The Last Jedi Reforged (Released)

MMP said:
The edit is finished, yes!
And yes, I did cut the sillier moments from both.
The caretakers appear in two scenes. First when Rey shoots the hole. You can’t cut this scene if you want to implement the deleted scene, because Luke introduces them here. The second time is in the deleted scene (caretakers village), which is an important scene for the movie I think. They work good as background characters and I don’t think they are too silly in these scenes.
The porgs are in 2-3 scenes. Maybe I could have removed more, but I like them…and my girlfriend loves them, so I would get some difficulties if I would have cut too much 😉 If you want to watch it yourself, just PM me.

I actually like the deleted scene as well. It is funny, but no overly silly in my opinion and I am glad to see it added into the film.

Info Wanted: Highlander 1986 Fan Edits - are there any extended versions?

There is an International Uncut and a U.S. Director’s Cut with differing material:

Most edits I’ve seen are of Highlander II, but there is at least one recent edit of the first film:

There are flashback scenes in Highlander II. There might be some useful material there that could be brought into the first film.

Fall of the Republic - The Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith Prequel Finale Edit (Clips available, rough draft coming) (a WIP)

Are you still working on your edit Delpheas? Most other edits I’ve found use the theatrical cut of Revenge of the Sith. I think the NFBism’s New Canon Cut is the one of the best fanedits of Episode III and I am really curious to see how your addition of The Clone Wars final arc.

<strong>Revenge of the Sith + The Clone Wars 4 hour Supercut 2020</strong> (V3) (Released)

Did you use the original theatrical cut as your base for episode III?

If so, I wonder if using NFBisms New Canon Cut as your base might make your edit even better (NFBisms edit aims to make Episode III more in sync with The Clone Wars show, as well as improve Anakin’s fall and fix some excesses in the film).