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Preserving the...*cringe*...Star Wars Holiday Special

MattMahdi said:
I haven’t seen that edit.

Although I’m not sure I need to.

Personally, the SWHS is a product of its time. We could do quite a few things to/with it, including editing in Blu-ray footage of the ships, but I wonder how satisfying it would be.

What I’d love to see is Jambe Davdar doing a documentary feature a la Star Wars Begins / Building Empire / Returning to Jedi. But that probably isn’t high on his list of priorities.

Regarding the footage: It might be an interesting concept to someone so I thought I’d put the idea out there. Granted, there would be the issue of formatting the footage to match the rest of the special but with all of you experts here, I figure that would be easy stuff.

I was looking at one of the scripts to see if subtitles could be added to the Wookiee language scenes but I didn’t see anything in the way of actual lines listed.

A documentary on the SWHS would be an interesting thing to watch at this point.