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Anyone try Star Wars Galaxies???
Well your getting the game at a good time, tons of new content is getting added to the game now. We are finally getting combat droids, and later they will add more designs from the movies. And later this year we are getting space expansion, that will let us own, make and fly ships into space, along with 16 new worlds. We have about 10 now, all bigger than the game EQ from what I understand.

There are two things you need to know about the game:

1. You only get one chacter per server, with a limit of 10 per account. Why only one, the guys over at sony want to make sure you work within the game with other players. It takes some getting use too at 1st, but you catch on quick.

2. Everything, and I mean everything out side of NPC towns is made by the players, sure you start off with a basic setup of gear, but all the good stuff is made by players. No buying and selling to NPCs in this game at all, you make your living hunting and/or selling.
Anyone try Star Wars Galaxies???
Hi all I am new to these forums, I mainly post over at, and when I seen the petition on the news I came here. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you ever tried a game called Star Wars Galaxies? If so what did you think about it, if not your missing out on a lot.

The game lets you live out your star wars dream, it's an online game with tons ofother people the work, fight and play on there. Right now there isn't any space with the game, meaning there are not ships to fly yet. But that is getting add later on this year, and if you want to get a jump on space expansion, then get the game now, and build your guy up.

Anyway, check on SWG it might give you a different kind of star wars fix.

I am not selling this game, I am just a player of the game hehe.