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Die Hard 'til Midnight (Die Hard re-edited in the style of tv show '24')

Die Hard done in the style of 24 but set over 9 hours using split screens to help give it a semi real-time feel from scene to scene.

Die Hard til’ Midnight

Tagline: Real Excitement, Real Suspense, Real Danger, Real Time!
New 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Pan and Scan)
Fanedit Type: Fanmix
Original Movie Title: Die Hard
Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure
Original Release Date: 1988
Original Running Time:132 Mins
Fanedit Running Time : 119 Minutes
Video Bitrate 5500 kbps
Audio Bitrate 512kbps (Stereo mix)
File size 5.3 GB
Die Hard is the pinnacle of action movie goodness in my opinion and cannot be improved upon as its completely perefect as it is. However as its one of my favourite films I was intrigued whether I could put a different spin on it to give some fresh appeal. It struck me that as McClane spends nearly the entire runtime of the movie apart from all the other protaginists I could maybe use splitscreen to give the impression of multiple events taking place at once. Thus the idea for Die Hard 'til Midnight was born, and the edit evolved as Die Hard/24 style (semi) real-time thriller.


Main focus of the edit using split screen wherever logical to show McClane, Gruber and his cohorts, Police and Newscasters in splitscreen in the style of tv series ‘24’ giving a sense of parallel events taking place.
The film is set over a 9 hour timeframe with a 24 style ticking clock emphasising the real-time aspect with the intention of adding extra tension, pace and a fresh perspective.

When I decide to edit a movie I love I tend to leave everything in but try and and put a new spin on it, there are a few shaves and trims here and there to facilitate this new version but nothing siginificant.

There are however approximately 50 split screen/time stamp sequences, some lasting just a few seconds or so and others lasting 30-40 seconds, the use of which has brought the runtime down by about 12 minutes along with the shaves to the film here and there.