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Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Release Details and Updates)

Did you guys also notice there being a few missing frames in the ISO version when Yoda is giving his famous “do or do not” lecture? It’s right at the border of two .m2ts blu-ray video fragments, Luke is looking to the right, and before it cuts back to Yoda on the next fragment, Luke “freezes” for a split second. Audio is fine, but it gives the impression as if there was a framedrop due to OS slowdown, even though I checked and double-checked, and it’s this way in the video.

Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet

Hey dear people. Thanks for the great information, I was under the firm impression that usenet as a thing has been shut down a few years back.

I have run into an issue with 4k77. The version by SomethingSomeone through binsearch consistently fails to repair and unpack after downloading: “Repair failed for 4K77/22A0104B180C8421958D2D2B29A89435: not enough par-blocks, 813 block(s) needed, but 0 block(s) available. Recovery files created by: Created by par2SL version 1.0.”

So apparently this version is dead on arrival. There’s another version of 4k77 1.4 uploaded by SomethingSomeone, but that’s 39 gigabytes. It’s also a mkv file… I wonder what’s up with that.

"Best" home releases of the pre-SE original trilogy?

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

To simplify - your only option for high quality is the laserdisc. It’s better than videotape. The GOUT on DVD (sourced from those laserdiscs) is obviously the most conveniently available version. It was released for a limited time in 2006 as “bonus” discs with the 2004 special edition. You can find them on eBay and occasionally they pop up on Amazon and similar sites. The resolution on all those is noticeably not good on modern large screen tellies.

So ultimately the DVD release is inferior to the laserdisc, due to the generational losses from the conversion?

Can anyone give me a hint about the actual useful vertical resolution of a widescreen LD?

In all honesty, you’ll do your family a disservice showing them laserdiscs or DVDs when you’ve got the Despecialised Edition available. I do understand the need to have something “official” though!

Yea I kinda get that, even if there did exist a full resolution anamorphic PAL version, it still pales in comparison to HD footage… 😃 Still, fractal scaling algorithms are getting better and better, so while putting back lost detail is impossible, making SD look acceptable to good is within reach. 😉

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (release details and updates)

Guys, about the red star destroyer, I think that the SD having a similar color as the planet surface is in fact correct and desirable. It’s getting illuminated BY the planet, so the color of Tatooine reflecting off the hull is not an error at all.

Therefore I think that using masking or rotoscoping to do different color filtering to the two is a mistake.

Honestly my personal preference is the slightly reddish shot. Tatooine is kinda reddish in my mind.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Lol this forum is boobytrapped, made me post the formatting instructions lol.

So my random thought… I was a gigantic Star Wars fan in high school (that means the 90s) with my friends. We played the DOS space combat games, watched the trilogy more than I can count, had Star Wars-related nicknames (I was Wedge), wrote parody fanfiction…

The mediocrity of the prequel trilogy (I never thought they were “horrible”, just “meh”) and the 3d third person games turned me quite off Star Wars for quite a while…

Anyway, I recently got X-Wing Alliance hacked onto my modern PC, and realized just how awesome these games are. It made me passionate about Star Wars again. So if anyone had missed them, the Lucasarts space combat games (X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing Alliance) are among the best Star Wars related media out there. I rank them right up next to the original trilogy in terms of defining my Star Wars fandom as a young teen.

"Best" home releases of the pre-SE original trilogy?

Hi 😃

So I am in search of the “best” physical media to own with the unaltered original trilogy on it. I’m not a “collector” (for the sake of collecting or rarity), I want it to watch (and rip for more convenient watching), to show my kids and hopefully my grandkids a long time into the future. I’m only interested in widescreen (not pan and scan) versions.

I appreciate the Despecialized edition, and have high hopes for the 35mm restored versions, but I really want to score something original and 100% legal, with the most resolution and quality available.

I grew up in Eastern Europe. During the late 90s when I was in high school, the THX remastered version came out. We bought the VHS, but I have a vague memory of seeing a DVD version. Of course a DVD player at the time was out of reach. Still to this day I see fleeting mentions of a PAL Region2 only DVD release of the “THX digitally remastered” version.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? Also, if it existed, was it anamorphic, and was it mastered for PAL or converted from NTSC?

What about the “Definitive Edition” laserdiscs? What kind of resolution are we talking about there? Did LD even have anamorphic widescreen, or a rough third of the resolution is taken up by the black stripes?

I see Japanese LD versions going for a fortune on Ebay, are they interesting from a preservation standpoint, or just a curio? Was there a PAL version of the “Definitive Edition”, and if there was, did it actually have higher resolution, or once again, converted from NTSC?

Any other release worthy of attention? 😃

Thanks for your input!