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Batman (1989) 4K Teal Tint and SFX revision

I’d take Oliver’s video a huge grain of salt. He advises people to turn off HDR when viewing 4K UHD content… What? HDR and WCG is one of the main features of the 4K UHD format.
It seems he’s misinformed when it comes to this format.

As for the colour grading, the new remaster is closer to the original timing/grading, than the old DVD/Blu-ray versions were. So pick your poison.
The 2.0 LaserDisc audio has already been synchronized to this new release:


Dek Rollins said:

marin888 said:

We already have 4k BD - perfect home video release for 1.85:1.
So, I’m more for preserve this film as uncropped - Full Frame.

Is the 4K master actually used for the standard BD? Cause I can’t do anything in 4K.
And I didn’t mean as a replacement of releasing the scan open matte, obviously the full super8 frame would be the priority for most people. I just think that, if it looks good enough, watching it in widescreen would still be great (and for me personally, preferable 😃).

Nope, it’s the 2010 Ultimate Hunter disc.
Do yourself a favor and get in on the 4K UHD action - that one looks amazing 😃

The Phantom Menace on 35mm

skywalker89 said:

Hey, wouldn’t it be much more easy to make a reconstruction like Harmy did with his despecialized trilogy? Use the official Blu Ray version as a main source, combined with elements from a late HDTV broadcast of the 2001 DVD Version and some upscales from the Japanese Laserdisc?

Easier? Probably not.
Cheaper? For sure.
But that’s missing the entire point of scanning 35mm reels.

Star Wars - What is wrong and what is right... Goodbye Magenta

Ronster said: at the end of the day, I like that analogue look. Sorry if you don’t like that analogue look but i do. Sort of warm and fuzzy imperfect but it yeah I like it.

PLEASE stop this. You clearly have no idea what you’re doing, and you’re NOT restoring the film to its original look.
There are numerous people in this thread pointing out errors in everything you do. Maybe it’s not us, but you.

Can’t a mod lock this thread please?

Neverar's A New Hope Technicolor Recreation <strong>(V1 Released!)</strong>

Ronster, you always seem to be blathering about wrong colours and hues, and originally intended vision of George Lucas. There are several great copies of the film out there, representing a very accurate image of the original film, with its original colours - and we have several talented members working on restoring the film back to that original look.
You’re more than welcome to start your own thread/project, if you feel like something should be corrected in another way.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - UHD IMAX Edit

railerswim said:

Bobson Dugnutt said:

It was filmed with the Red Weapon 8K, so it should be in real 4k. Maybe the VFX aren’t, but the real stuff is

I am aware of that. It was finished with a 4K DI so that mean’s the CGI will have 4K textures and shaders.

No. If the VFX were rendered at 2K, then that’s the final output for the VFX.

The theatrical colors of the Star Wars trilogy

Swazzy said:

This just further cements the fact that LFL could have fixed every conceivable color issue for the Blu-ray, using the same master, on a budget of zero dollars and zero cents.

But that wouldn’t fit George Lucas’ originally intended artistic view 😄

I really love the latest LUT. It looks a bit modern, but in a good way.
With that said, I also love the more theatrical colours.

Alien/Aliens Color Regrade

PDB said:

I haven’t been updating this thread with as much information as the one over at fanres. I finished the regrade of the video for the TV cut. (For those that forgot it is regrading the BD to the 1995 THX laserdisc)

Making the theatrical cut from that should be trivial. For the TV cut all there is left to do is sync the soundtracks: the 5.1, the LD PCM 2.0 (SE LD) and the soundtrack from the TV broadcast. The Theatrical will have the 4.1 from the BD and a PCM 2.0 (non-SE LD).

Here are some examples:

Original BD/Regraded BD

(Edit: That Alien queen/powerloader arm one is backwards with the regard first in the last batch)

Stunning difference. Looking forward to seeing your final work 😃