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For ANH and TESB I highly recommend the D+77 and D+80 projects by oohteedee.

His main sources are the new D+ 4K remasters and the 4K77 and 4K80 projects. The goal isn’t 100% theatrical like despecialized, but its “theatrical in spirit”. Basically his goal was just to remove the scenes with added CGI and restore them using 4K77 and 4K80 elements. All the recomposits of original elements that were done for the 97SE were left in because he believes they look better and I have to agree with him. I don’t see anything wrong with leaving those in since they are original elements, but just better composited. Also you have tons of audio options using original mixes.

As far as ROTJ goes, just go for one of the 4K83 releases for now. Someone does plan on doing a D+ 83 once the 4K UHDs are released though.